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Top 7 Most Widely Used Apps by Educators

Technology makes so many aspects of teaching & education easier these days. The advent of smart phones and ‘apps’ is definitely no exception! There are many apps out there that make your job as a teacher and educator a lot easier. The top apps that we list below will help you with all sorts of little tasks in your school.

  1. Keynote: This is for iPad but it is just about as powerful as the one that you can by for your PC. This presentation tool allows you to animate, do slide transitions and all of the regular features that you would expect to make professional presentations on the computer. It will also let you open templates with graphics that are already there. Basically this program operates much like a simplified version of PowerPoint but is even more easy and fun to use than that staple program.
  2. Educate: One of the most basic tasks you have to take care of when you teach is to take attendance. This iPad app has many wonderful teachers that will make it very useful for teachers. You can have a photo of every student, record who is late or even email students who are absent. It also will ask if you want to bring in your address book, or you are able to import student information from files outside.
  3. Teacher Tool: This great app will save your student grades and give you some nice suggestions for grades. It also will save the remarks that you make about each student and gives them to you in one of your upcoming lessons. It also will remember the date of any grade you input. It is much more secure than a regular book you use for marking down grades.
  4. iAnnotate: This is a reader of PDFs and a tool for annotation for your iPad. It will open documents from your emails and will fill out forms. You can enter in your notes for editing and sketch pictures. We really like the usefulness of this app!
  5. GradePad: You can grade the performance of your students from your smart phone. You can manage various groups, do student assessments, track students’ performance and much more.
  6. Dropbox: This is a free service that allows you to have all of your photographs, documents and videos with you. If you have Dropbox on one PC it will save documents automatically to all of your PCs. This is a great app because you can always have all of your documents with you when you are teaching.
  7. Attendance: This is a fantastic touchscreen app that lets you very easily keep records of attendance. It is intended to be used for teachers to take attendance in classes, but it can be used for teacher meetings and other gatherings.

Hopefully, if you use some of these really great teacher apps, you will find it is easier to teach, and to do mundane tasks, such as taking attendance. If you have help with some of those little mundane tasks, you can then spend more of your time actually teaching your students.

Author Bio:- Eddy Ayala is a freelance writer for MastersinTESOL.com, where he enjoys digging in and researching graduate teaching programs and how the world needs more great educators. More recently he highlighted fiveTESOL scholarships & grants. He invites feedback on this and other articles.

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