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Top 6 SEO Monitoring Tools

Are you looking for the best tools for monitoring your SEO (search engine optimization) campaign? There are many tools available on the market. Choosing one of them can be challenging for most people. In this article, there are top 6 SEO monitoring tools that you can use to monitor your campaign effectively. They are chosen because they are very effective to give you the best result regarding your SEO campaign for your websites. You can use all of these tools to monitor your campaign effectively.

1. Google Analytics 

This is the most important SEO tool that you should have, especially if you want to improve your SEO campaign effectively. This is a free tool provided by Google in order to help you maintain your websites in the correct way. This tool allows you to analyze any traffics or visitors coming to your website. Using this tool is also important to let you know which page of your website that brings you the most visitors. This tool can make your SEO campaign easier than ever before. You can analyze your readers or visitors’ behavior when they are inside your website. By looking at their behaviors, you are able to optimize your website effectively.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

It is another great product from Google that you should use in building your website. This tool allows you to control everything in your website. There are many great features inside this tool. In this article, you will see some of those important features. Google Webmaster tool allows you to check any websites linking to your sites. You can also check some error pages that may occur in your websites. This tool is very effective to control and manage the performance of your website. There are some advices and improvement tips that you can read in this tool in order to make your website rank high in Google.

3. SEO Quake

This is an important plugin that you can use in your SEO campaign. You can get this plugin for free. This is a plugin for internet browsers, such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. This plugin allows you to check all SEO data from your competitors and also your websites. You can check the page rank, indexed pages, Alexa rank, whos information, and any other important information that you need in your SEO campaign. Analyzing all of those factors is very important if you want to be successful in your campaign.

4. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is another great SEO tool that you can use for free for the first month. This tool is offered with 1 month free trial period. This great tool allows you to analyze all websites that you want, including your website. You can take a look at your competitor’s backlink information. This information is very important in a SEO campaign. It means that you are able to “steal” your competitor’s information by using this powerful SEO tool.

5. Majestic SEO

There are many people using Majestic SEO in their campaigns. This tool has a lot of features that can help you in your SEO campaign effectively. This tool allows you to check any websites linking to your site or your competitors’ websites. It has similar function as the Open Site Explorer. However, this tool is able to check the amount of backlinks in certain period of time. You are able to analyze the backlinks trend in your website or your competitors’ website.

6. Link Assistant’s Rank Tracker

You will certainly need a good software that allows you to check the ranking of your website on the search engine. This tool is very powerful to check your websites’ ranking in 342 different search engines in the world. You can check your websites’ performance in the search engine. This is something that you have to do in your SEO campaign. You have to analyze the performance of your website in order to determine whether your SEO campaign is effective or not.

Those are the top 6 SEO monitoring tools that you can use to improve your SEO campaign. Those tools are very effective to make your campaign become more efficient. Try to consider all of those SEO tools, especially if you want to get your website ranked high in any search engines, such as Google.

Author Bio:- Jason Smith is an online manager for Inbound Marketing Company. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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  • Rashmi Sinha

    March 17, 2013, 9:50 pm

    Great post like always!!
    I have used Google Analytic and SEO Quake. Both gave me outstanding results, but now I know more of them, will give the rest of them a shot for sure.

    Thanks for the share!!

    • Bilal Ahmad

      March 17, 2013, 10:16 pm

      Sinha@ MajesticSEO is also a very useful one. Try it.

      • Rashmi Sinha

        March 19, 2013, 12:40 am

        Hmm… Will try that one out. Hope it will yield fantastic results for me. Figure crossed.

        Thanks for the advice


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