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Top 6 – Much Anticipated Features on iPhone 5

Apple is now getting ready to show their 6th generation iPhone 5 later this year. Many rumours are spreading fast on Apple iPhone 5 specifications and iPhone lovers are eagerly waiting for its release date. The new smart phone is going to have an array of amazing features like re-designed keyboard layout, 3D video and photos, face recognition, high 4G speeds, latest hardware components to name a few.

Here I have listed top 6 features and specifications that are expected to be present on iPhone 5.

1. Form Factor & Screen

The new iPhone 5 has a new attractive bold look combining all good features present on popular iPhone 3G and on iPhone 4. Another expected specification on iPhone 5 is enhanced screen resolution. Improved display resolution and bigger screen Retina display is going to make this smart phone an ideal device and a perfect competitor to its rivals. It’s expected to have 4-inch sleek and stylish screen which motivates the consumers to go for an upgrade.

2. iPhone 5 with NFC

Recent rumors have revealed that the new iPhone 5 is going to have Near Field Technology chip integrated in them. In today’s world technology, NFC plays a vital role in mobile communications. Older iPhone generations doesn’t support this feature. This technology opens the new doors for mobile  payments.

3. iOS 6 Features

The iPhone 5 is expected to have the Apple iOS 6 in them. This latest OS is going to have more than 200 advanced features including iCloud, NFC, iMessage and revamped Notification System. iPhone 5 is believed to have a latest user interface that supports multi-touch gestures, personal assistant and popular Siri technology.

4. Efficient Processor

The new iPhone 5 has a powerful quad-core A6 2.0 GHz processor with 1 GB of internal RAM. With the integration of latest processor, iPhone 5 is expected to capture, render and processes the 3D images at brisk pace. The new iPhone 5 is rumoured to support 4G LTE connection.

5. Better Camera

The new iPhone 5 will have an advanced camera integrated in it. Many iPhone lovers are expecting that this Apple smart phone is going to have a powerful 8 MP rear-facing dual LED flash camera that supports 3D picture snaps. Recent reports suggest that the camera uses an advanced micro lens technology to create visual depth for 3D snaps. For superior colour reproduction, the camera is going to have advanced luminance Sensors as well.

6. iCloud and iMessage

iMessage application allows your iPhone 5 device to chat with iPad and iPad Touch users directly. This feature is also expected to be integrated in the SMS/MMS application. Many expect that iPhone 5 is going to have iCloud service for wireless access of music from all phones and computers. Apple iPhone 5 lets the mobile users to directly sync with iCloud to store their photos, calendar events as well as important documents and save the phone memory.

iPhone 5 seems to grab the attention of iPhone lovers with its promising advanced features, innovative design, sleek looks, new hardware and exciting add-ons. There are many other new features expected to be implemented in Apple iPhone 5. If I skipped any one of these features in the said list, don’t forget to mention them in the comments section.

Author Bio:- Sienna Williams is a gadget enthusiast and write about latest gadget news and articles. Currently, she is writing articles for sell mobile and mobile recycling www.fonebank.com.

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