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Top 6 Audiobook Apps For Your iPhone

Are you planning to go on for a trip or just spend some time travelling? Are you trying to get secluded from your everyday routine? Are you trying to entertain your kids in an interesting and effective way? Then, don’t forget to take your best friends together with you! Best friends? Yes, take the best audiobook apps for your iPhone with you, and you won’t regret!

Audiobook apps for your iPhone will fill your time with joy and enthusiasm by telling you stories and tails. iPhone audiobook apps are available on today’s market. All you need is to buy or download an iPhone audiobook app you are longing for, and get down to it enjoying it via your tablet or mobile device!

Here we represent the most widely known and highly praised audiobook apps for your iPhone:

1:- Audiobooks Premium is a great chance to get access to so many interesting free audiobook collections represented by top professionals. What is more, you’ll be able to listen to the bestsellers of current times. As for how to search your desired books, there is nothing challenging – you can easily search them by titles or language, duration or genre, or by the given narrator. This wonderful iPhone audiobook app will enable you to enjoy such opportunities as bookmarking, forwarding and rewinding, pause and play.

Audiobooks Premium

2:- AudioBookShelf is another perfect opportunity to pass your time listening to the currently available top quality audio books. This iPhone audiobook app design is so lovely indeed. Be aware that books can automatically be downloaded onto your device without your assistance. So, AudioBookShelf is ready to read stories and tales even when being offline. As for the best advantages of this fine iPhone audiobook app, it will enable you to appear on any page of the book by just making a click. This refers also to browsing, bookmarking and timer opportunities offered by the app. Be sure, this is the very iPhone audiobook app you have been dreaming of!


3:- vBookz provides you with exceptional opportunities just for $4,99. It is designed with a magnifier. The latter is foreseen to follow the given text enabling the user of the app to have a really joyous time! What is more, you’ll also find a voice synthesizer inside.


4:- Audible is one of the top iPhone audiobook apps. This perfect option really sticks out a mile thanks to its file handling opportunities. As for functioning, it can be downloaded directly from the official website of the app. Audible will enable you to track the listening time you have had. Overall, the rest advantages are similar to those offered by other iPhone Audiobook apps available on the market.


5. OverDrive Media Console is another excellent option offered by today’s market. This is developed with all available iPod compatibility features. Besides, you can also find a tutorial added. If you choose this audiobook app for your iPhone, be sure, you’ll be able to have numerous note taking and bookmarking opportunities. What is more, you will be able to make all your desired adjustments to this perfect app.

OverDrive Media Console

6:- Remarkable is developed and designed to help users make note recordings for more than one time. The great thing about this app is that you will be able to record notes meanwhile the Remarkable narrator is playing back. After you have completed your recording, you’ll easily be able to pass it to others. Another perfect feature about Remarkable is its tab navigation opportunity. This pretty useful feature of your iPhone audiobook app will provide you with the very audio books, podcasts and playbacks that have been used by you recently.


Post by Katrin Deres. Blogger, marketing executive at http://www.handyuberwachung.de/. Writes about cell phone tracking software and their benefits for families and businesses.

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  • Kate

    August 22, 2013, 9:39 am

    I love to read novels. Thanks to android apps development who has made everything easy. I don’t get much time for reading books so I always listen these books by these apps. By this I can save my time.


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