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Top 5 WordPress and Blogging Tips

WordPress is considered the most effective and popular blogging platform by wake of number of reasons like user-friendly, easily customizable and liable of higher ranking in search engines. If you are going to make your first blog, you need to firstly learn about search engine optimization so that you may get your blog higher in ranking with the passage of time working on it. SEO is easy with WordPress. When you are going to make SEO friendly blogs, you need to keep 5 tips in mind which are following,

Quality Theme

First of all, you need to find out a quality them for your blog so that you may get your blog perfect in looking. At first, it is not easy to pay money for premium themes but you need to know that you can find out a lot of free themes at internet but you need to be very much careful about the selection of cool theme. There are many themes which look good to the readers only but search engines get hard time to read the content. The most effective them in WordPress dashboard which you can have free of cost is Twenty Eleven or you can try TechMaish Theme.

Installation of All-In-One SEO Plugin

All-in-One SEO is the free plugin for you which you can download from your dashboard and can use it with ease. You can set title, Meta tags, and description for the sake of content to enable search engines to see what your blog is about. After doing this, you just need to go in the setting’s tab so that you may give your homepage a name and you may add description for your blog along with relevant keywords. After completing the settings, just click the button “submit”. You are finished now.

Keywords Research

After doing all this, the research of keywords you are focusing on is necessary. You need to identify your niche so that you may get rich domain and after doing this, you need to add your keywords in content title, category titles, articles and posts, anchor text and navigation bar. When you have selected the keywords, everything which you are posting in your blog must focus on the keywords so that you may get what you think as without focusing on keywords, you are lost.


The structure of your URL’s is determined with the help of permalinks and the URL’s are kept in mind of search engines while they determine the content of your blog. In the default settings of WordPress, you will see a lot of settings which are not supported by search engines and you need to get rid of them because the search engines are confused by it. Search for settings’ permalinks page, click radio button for the sake of custom structure and then you need to enter valid ‘postname’ in the given spacer box. In this way, your blog content will be easy for the search engines to read. You will get better rank in the search engines for your blog.

Alt Tags

Different kinds of images are posted on the blogs but search engines have nothing to do with your posted images. Most of the time, the search engines see only content on the blog, so, you need to use alt tags on your blogs to identify them. Whenever you will upload image to your blog, you will be provided some space for entering text, you need to enter keywords focusing text for making it easy for the search engines. So, every step you take must keep search engines optimization in mind so that you may get effective results in the end.

So, by adopting these strategies and top 5 tips, you can increase the ranking of your blog and set up your blog with authenticity of ease now. Learning search engines techniques is necessary for you to keep your blog up to date and to make it perfect for having high ranking in search engines.

These WordPress blogging tips are very crucial for you to set up your blog and to take your blog higher in ranking for the sake of posting ads to make money online. By keeping SEO strategies in mind, you will make your WordPress get high ranking for making money with ease. You can get desired results in the end with ease now.

Author Bio:- Tuan Do is a blogger and CEO of TechWalls, the technology blog founded in February 2011 and focusing on WordPress blogging tips, SEO, internet marketing, technology news and guide on blog for money.

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  • Kevin

    March 15, 2012, 6:04 pm

    Thank you Bilal for these great tips! I am going to implement them right away!

    • Tuan @ TechWalls

      March 15, 2012, 10:00 pm

      You are welcome, Kevin.
      Those are essential steps to optimize on-page SEO of your website. I hope they will be helpful for your site.


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