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Top 5 Video Apps for Bloggers

Every blogger wishes to find out his blog attracting a larger audience. However, this cannot be achieved without doing anything. You need to deliver interesting, eye-catching content to stand out from a crowd of similar blogs. No matter what topic you choose, so you have to fine tune your approach and develop a fresh perspective on your topic. Here video may come to the aid and become a clue how to attract more visitors to your blog.

If you’re thinking about promoting your blog with video content, you might need some special software which handles video-related tasks, e.g. screencasting, quick editing, HTML integration, web distribution, etc. Here are five popular video apps that will come in handy for every blogger dealing with video.

YouTube Video Editor

YouTube is a great place to host videos which you’d like to add to your blog. Besides embed code and video promotion assistance, YouTube grants an easy video editor with which you easily modify your video no matter when it was uploaded. The features comprise video trimming, stabilization, rotation, colour and contrast normalization and diverse effects. The button “I’m Feeling Lucky” caters 1-click color correction. You can also change an audio track and save multiple editing versions, any time you may revert to the original video.

Freemake Video Converter

This is a Windows-based free video converting software which can be used to cope with a great variety of video-related tasks. First, the app provides a wonderful possibility to turn almost any desktop or web video into Flash FLV or SWF formats and get code for embedding together with it. So bloggers who prefer to self-host videos can easily add new video content to their blogs since the app provides a build-in video player and a comprehensive guide on video embedding. Along with this, the video converter can be used to cut off unnecessary video fragments and create stylish photo slideshows with background music.


Wink is a free screencasting software that perfectly suits for making demos, tutorials and animated Flash demonstrations for your blog. The tool allows you to record desktop activity with audio and  text annotations laid over. You can easily change frames order, delete unnecessary sections and add “Next/Previous”, “Go to frame” and “Go to URL” buttons for convenient video navigation. Wink outputs to Macromedia Flash SWF, standalone EXE with viewer, PDF, PostScript, HTML and some image formats. The resulted Flash file can go together with a control bar and a preloader. The app is available for Windows and latest versions of Linux OS.

Video Watermark Factory

This is a powerful Windows-only application to add logos and digital watermarks to video files. So you can easily brand you video creations with your blog logo and link to protect their distribution. You may impose watermark on a whole video file or a specified section, choose the right position, font, opacity, etc. The app allows users to add text or image stamps to multiple files and re-encode them to AVI, MPEG, WMV, Real Media. Watermark Factory is aslo remarkable for its video editing abilities – it lets resize, split and add effects (blur, autocontrast, old movie, etc.) to your videos. Unfortunately, there’s drag’n’drop functionality and to register the version you have to pay $49 for personal and $149 for business license.


TubeMogul is an awesome tool for video distribution and promotion. It makes your video web-ready and lets seed it to like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Photobucket, 5min, BlipTV, etc. You can even use TubeMogul to upload your video to your FTP in the quality you specify and create RSS feeds to syndicate your video elsewhere. The app uploads video in a record time to save your time and efforts. Moreover, it provides a handy analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of a campaign, see views, viewed minutes and second-by-second engagement. You can also figure out how viewers are finding your videos and see which sites are embedding your content.

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