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Top 5 TVs for Those on a Budget

A big, HD TV is at the top of many people’s new year wish list and if you’re looking for a decent TV on a budget, then now is a great time to act. We’ll be reviewing TVs at £300 and under, so if you’re looking for a TV at this price then you may have to make some sacrifices – you won’t be able to get an ultra-thin, smart, 3D, 60 inch, LED, Full HD for that price, but you may be able to get one or two of those features. By making small compromises and concentrating on the things you do want (do you really need 3D?) you will be happy to know that there are many cheap televisions out there.

1# LG 42CS460 42-inch LCD TV

LG 42CS460 42-inch LCD TV

For the first TV we’re going for girth and 42 inches is about as large as you could hope for at just under £300. This full HD TV has built in freeview, which means you won’t have to shell out for a new box, as well as a couple of HDMI ports. It also has a USB port with DIVX playback which will come in very handy. This TV has decent sound and even better picture quality, so it’s a very good solution for your living room.

2# Samsung UE26EH4500 26-inch LED TV

Samsung UE26EH4500 26-inch LED TV

If you are less concerned with sheer size and more concerned with having a fully featured TV that looks ultra-sleek, then this model from Samsung is a great one to go for. You can expect about £20 change from your £300 and for a Smart TV, that is very good value – you’ll be surfing the net from the comfort of your sofa in no time. The downside is the size, unless you’re using it for the bedroom or kitchen and it is HD ready rather than full HD, but a good option nonetheless

3# Finlux 32F702 32-inch 3D

Finlux 32F702 32-inch 3D

Available at a bargain £240, this full HD 3D TV is a great option if you want 3D on a budget. A decent size with a good spec and good reviews, this is an excellent option for those on a budget. Some people are put off by the less well-known brand, but if you can see past this, you’ll have made a very good choice.

4# Samsung PS43E450 43-inch

Samsung PS43E450 43-inch

If size is all that matters for you, then this Samsung will suit you well – it is the biggest we could find for under £300. While it isn’t full HD, many people prefer plasma for the colour and darkness levels, making it great value for money.

5# Samsung UE32EH5000 32-inch

Samsung UE32EH5000 32-inch

Samsung feature a lot on the list for the simple fact they make some great TVs. This 32-inch is a thin and sleek LED TV that comes with built in freeview HD. After all, what’s the point in having an HD TV if you can’t watch any HD TV? This is an excellent TV with a great picture and an excellent choice for those on a budget.

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