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Top 5 Tips to Create a Mobile Compatible Blog

It is projected that the mobile web will overtake the desktop web by 2014. In other words, by 2014, people will be using the mobile platform to access the web rather than a laptop or desktop. Millions of people over the people may still have no electricity but they will still be having access to the mobile web.

If we have to talk figures then just make note that the mobile traffic in 2011 was over 8 times more than the global Internet traffic during the year 2000. For the first time, over 50 percent of the traffic came from mobile video traffic in the year 2011. It is projected that by end 2012, the number of mobile devices ought to exceed the world’s population. Furthermore, it is projected that there would be round 10 billion devices by 2016. In other words, close to 1.4 mobile devices per capita (exceeding the projected global population of 7.3 billion).

Having said that, over 6% of the visits to your blog are through mobile devices! Hence, unlike the people who accessed through laptops and desktops, the first time mobile and tablet users, will be linked irrespective of their location. In other words, people share content when it is happening.

Have a clean and simple blog that is easy to navigate. You must remember that mobile users use only a tiny screen and there is no presence of a mouse. Besides, not all mobile devices have the touch screen facility. So clean up the clutter and remember to use images only sparingly as images because, issues with the blog design. It may be alright if you are using a laptop but for a mobile platform, they generally appear messy and increase the amount of time while loading. However, if you must use images, then compress them. Basically, cut back on image and keep it simple and user friendly.

If you have a blogspot blog, then you must make your blogs more mobile friendly as over 15% of the users now use mobile phones, tablets and iPhones. So it is important to make your blog mobile compatible. Mentioned below is a method on how to make your blog mobile compatible. Please remember to back-up your blogger template before making any changes to your template. First, log in to your blogger dashboard and navigate setting to Email & Mobile. Then select “Yes” on the show mobile template option on mobile devices and then choose the mobile template from the options given there. Save your setting and you are done.

Just remember that optimizing your blog for the mobile platform could be one of the best moves that you have done to make your blog reader friendly and successful. Although this may mean that you may have to spend some time to install some plugins, the end result would be amazing.

Finally, the most successful blogs out there are the ones that are unique and can be navigated and read easily by both the mobile and the computer devices.

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