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Top 5 Things You Can Have For New Year

We are very excited to welcome a new year. In this time everyone wants to present gift to their dear ones.  Here I have listed top five things which will make your friends or relatives to happy.


In the year of 2011 we can often hears about Tablets.  Apple is the leading tablet provider in the market.  Samsung, blackberry and few others are also released the tablets.  But the real competition is between Apple and Samsung.  Apple is going to release the second iteration of iPad meanwhile Samsung is also released the Galaxy Note which is the combined of Tablets and Phones.  We can use tablet as phone by using Galaxy Note.  So Tablets will be the best New Year’s gift.

Interchangeable Lens Cameras

In New Year celebration we might miss some forgettable moments.  So to record those moments digital camera will be the best one.  Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and some other companies also released their new cameras which is Mirror less Interchangeable lens cameras (MILC).   So it will be the best gift for New Year.

Health Monitors

We can monitor our health by using iPhones with some additional hardware.  By using iPhones we can monitor our blood pressure, skin cancers, pulse rate and more.  So health monitors is a nice one to give as a gift in New Year.

Radio controlled car

Radio controlled car will give the big entertainment to the kids in the family.  Traxaas is released world’s fastest Radio controlled car which is named as Traxaas XO-RC car.  It has top speed of 100 mph and we can feel the speed of 60 mph within few seconds.  It is the cost of 1,100 USD.  It will be the best New Year’s gift for kid.

Solid State Drives

It is most budget friendly drives for the ordinary consumers.  Various companies like Samsung, Intel, Micron, OCZ and Smart are released drives.  It offers various ranges from 64 GB to 1.6 TB.  The price is also very affordable rate only so that it attracts ordinary customers also.  So this is also one of the best New Year’s gifts.

These all are the best New Year gifts which will make your friends to happy.

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