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Top 5 Techs Your Office Should Have

Any office that doesn’t take advantage of what VoIP phone services, computers, and the internet can provide to increase efficiency and productivity is missing out on a lot and possibly shooting itself in the foot.

You’re probably haven’t experienced the ease of using email, the cost-efficiency of VoIP phone services and the general benefits that various technologies can give to your business. This isn’t just about being modern or using the latest digital systems. This is about making sure you’ve maximized your resources and are using the best that the market can offer.

To make sure that you have the tech that any office should have, check out our list:

1# Cloud phone

Even if you already have an existing phone line with your local phone company, supplementing with or changing to VoIP-based telephony solutions is always a good move. When you have solid IT infrastructure, acquiring this tech is fast, easy and cheap. You get to use your PCs, smartphones and tablets to manage a wide range of telephony devices from wherever you are. Since you work with phone accounts, you can actually log into your work phone from any device that supports your VoIP-based telephone system. RingCentral VoIP phone services and the like can give you several options for cloud-based phone systems.

2# Online fax

Fax machines are still popular, since they’re a way to send documents instantly and in hard copy. But they’re also inefficient, time-consuming, expensive to maintain, and unsecure. When you use an online fax system, you don’t need anything beyond your computer, a fax application, and the internet to send and receive faxes. Your service provider can give you your own fax number that lets you fax. Using your fax application, sending, receiving, viewing and printing the faxes you want is very easy.

3# Virtual PBX

Take your cloud phone one step further with a virtual call management system. If your company has several branches or offices all over the country, then you can connect all of them cost-efficiently with cloud phones and a virtual switchboard. This is great technology, especially for companies that function through work-from-home employees. You can also use your smartphones and tablets to manage your virtual private branch exchange.

4# File sharing

Although email is a great way to quickly send files between your employees, you could also consider using online file storage and sharing applications like SugarSync and Dropbox. This way, your staff can have access to important files at the same time. You get a detailed account of the updated documents and secure file storage all at once.

5# Project management software

Make sure you take advantage of both free and premium software that lets you keep track of all your company’s projects and automatically updates tasks and Gantt charts when events occur.

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