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Top 5 Symptoms of Infection of Your Computer

Many of you probably know how to recognize some symptoms which indicate that with your computer is something wrong and the reason for this could be a malicious infection.

Well-known international company for technical support iJogi, did a study of 8,000 randomly selected computer users and announced the top 5 most common symptoms that have complained.

Lower activity of the entire computer

The slow computer operation, including start up and slow shutdown, slow opening programs and slow internet surfing, users most commonly known symptom that tells them that the computer is likely infected with a virus. It should be noted that the same symptoms may be associated with excessive installing and deleting files and programs, irregular disk defragmenter and cluttered desktop but malicious infections is on top of probabilities.

Software Problems

This symptom is a smaller version of the first, the difficulties are associated with the opening and closing applications which consequently provides a reduction in speed and performance.

Problems with your internet connection

Pretty good indication that your computer is infected with a virus are problems with connecting to the Internet, difficult surfing, difficult access to email, web pages and other services. Of course, this refers to the situation as “a bit before everything was fine, and now I can not connect”. If on the computer are freshly installed Windows and you can not connect to the Internet, for this issue you should look for the drivers.

Error Messages

Frequent error messages that appear in the form of system pop-up windows like “Unable to read hardware” or “Can not Launch the Application”, to users presents one of key symptoms of infection.

Collapse Operating system

Collapse in the operating system, “freeze” and uncalled restarting Windows often results data loss and decreased performance and this is the fifth most common symptom of viral infection. It should be emphasized that these symptoms can occur because of the hardware problems, mostly due to overheating of the components, but it is very likely that the reason is some “bad software”.

To this we can only add that it is often difficult to actually detect disease and “cure” the operating system if on the computer is not already installed some antivirus software that is regularly upgraded, but it happens that some antivirus fail, especially if it is a completely a new virus.

Tip? Very simple. In addition to installing a quality antivirus solution, you should be a little careful what you install on your computer, what and where you click when you’re on the Internet and resist the urge to open every e-mail.

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