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Top 5 Social Media Tools Best Suited for Teachers

Many teachers want to always come up with new ways to boost collaboration and development of skills with students. One of the great ways to do this in the modern age is through the use of social media tools. There are many websites out there that make it much easier for students and teachers to interact, and to increase the involvement of parents in the educational process. Using some of these tools is also helpful to show the student that social media can actually be used for education and not just socializing. There also are some great social media sites that can be used just by teachers to make their jobs easier, or to even look for another one. Some of our favorite social media tools for teachers include the 5 below.

1. BlackboardMany teachers do not think of Blackboard as a really great social media site, but that is what it is. This social media site gives you all of the interaction that you could possibly desire with your students and their parents. The great thing about this site is that you can have all of the student’s homework assignments, upcoming tests and projects posted online. This way there is no way that a student can claim to be uninformed of schoolwork, and you also know that the parents know what is happening in their child’s life at school.

2. Cramster This is a really good social media website if you do not mind if your students will be encouraged to learn from others. This site is focused on tutoring for math, science and engineering. This is a great way for students to prepare for tests and exams. It is mostly for high school and college students. Parents also can use it to stay informed.

3. Delicious This social media site might not be as obvious for using in teaching. It is, however, a fantastic way to easily share bookmarks, links and images with students on various topics. You also can have your students use this website as a way to organize information for papers and projects.

4. 4Teachers This social media site is obviously only for teachers, but it is full of fantastic tools and resources to make it easier for you to use technology for teaching. For example, you can create online quizzes with pictures and video; make rubrics in both English and Spanish; find innovative educational games so your students can improve their math and language abilities; build a design plan for your classroom; and tools to help you easily create new web pages and websites.

5. LinkedInThink of LinkedIn as a sort of Facebook for the strictly professional business person or teacher. LinkedIn is a fantastic way for you to stay connected with other people in the profession of teaching. Learn what your colleagues are doing in class situations that are similar to yours. It also is very good to use for networking. As you know, most teachers do not stay in one job or school system forever, so LinkedIn can be used to make yourself as marketable as possible.

Author Bio:- Eddy Ayala is a staff writer for Master-Degree-Online.com, where he enjoys researching various graduate education topics including online masters, jobs & career ideas. More recently he highlighted several schools offering a No GMAT MBA option from traditional universities. He invites feedback on this and his other articles.

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