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Top 5 Security Solutions for WordPress

WordPress has rapidly grown to becoming the world’s most broadly utilized Content Management System. However, no web site is secured from hacking without having security defense. The most effective measure to safeguard your website from issues of safety is by acquiring a dependable Security Plug-in. The following is our Top 5 security solutions for WordPress.

1# Better WP Security

BWP Security is a cost-free all-in-one security plug-in for WordPress that inspects your site for all kinds of safety openings in the installation of WordPress  and adjusts it in order to protect against your site from getting  hacked. Better WP Security Assists in detecting, preventing, recovering and reviewing your WP website against any kind of harmful hacks. This plug-in is among the most widely used plug-in and a must have In order to maintain your website’s safety.  Few of the key functionalities include banning of bots, blocking brute pressure attacks, full scanning, evaluating site vulnerabilities and applying solutions on how to correct them and turning off the editing options of WordPress theme through the dashboard area for protection.  Frequent updates are available from the plug-in creators and it’s absolutely suitable for the most recent WordPress Version 3.5.1 that make the plug-in setting up process fast and easy.


2# Security Ninja

It is the only paid premium WordPress Security Plugin in this list. The price of this plug-in is totally rationalized and as such it is necessary to include this WP security plug-in in this list. Security Ninja can be obtained from CodeCanyon and contains functions like screening WP website by using 31+ steps for safety concerns and aids in taking preventive steps to have your site completely neat and backed up. Additionally, there are lots of help instructions provided by the plugin that can help in solving most commonly encountered WordPress concerns effortlessly. It is probably the most sold plugins from the Codecanyon Plug-in marketplace and it’s readily available for just $10. It works with the latest WordPressthemes and the creators offer excellent support.


3# Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof protection is another cost-free all-in-one security solution for WordPress.  It  does its work by making your site totally free of really harmful  threats like Code Injection, XSS, RFI,  SQL, CRLF Base64,  and CSRF  Injection hacking. This plug-in remains to be adequately examined by WordPress customers which proves that it should be on our listing of Top 5 WordPress security solution.


3# Wordfence

Wordfence is among the top rated cost-free Security Plug-in for WordPress available in the market right now. Wordfence continues to protect a large number of web sites from internet hackers from its launching. The plug-in is respected by many WordPress fans and this all-in-one plug-in provides functions like anti-virus scanning, firewall scanning, live traffic check and malicious URL scanning. One of the reasons why this plug-in has grown to be huge is because it’s the sole plug-in which can help you restore your website after getting hacked even though you do not have any backup for your website.


3# Anti-Malware GOTMLS

Preven all the Malicious Scripts (GOTMLS) to infect your Word Press site.  As suggested by its name it is a WordPress plugin that allows you to get rid of destructive malware programs out of your web site. Malwares are probably the most commonly encountered reason behind any site being compromised. This plug-in truly does its assignment in the most effective way possible. In addition, it updates you of the newest and very harmful malwares which might be impacting sites worldwide. It also informs you of the safety measures that may help keep you protected from these potential issues. The plug-in updates the thumb edition to protect safety issues and allow you to conduct a speedy or comprehensive scan the WordPress records so that you can determine if many of the WordPress major documents were damaged. The plug-in s totally will work with WordPress 3.5.1.


The AUTHOR is a professional blogger using WordPress as his blogging platform. He loves to write and share his knowledge on blogging with others. He is also a contributing writer to www.essayjedi.com

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  • gamygeek

    January 15, 2014, 10:39 pm

    Wordpress no doubt is the most used content management system that
    is used by millions.
    Hence security is a concern some other plugins i would add to this list are:-
    1.Wp db backup
    2.Ask apahe password protect
    3.Stealth login
    4.Admin ssl secure plugin(use this only if you have ssl enable site).
    5.User locker
    6.Login encryption
    7.Bad Behaviour
    8.Exploit scanner
    9.User spam remover
    10.Bad Block Queries.

  • Andy Simons

    November 14, 2013, 1:16 pm

    I have used all free security Plug-ins like Better WP Security, Bulletproof Security and Wordfence. But, I have never tried premium one like Security Ninja. The features you have described in security ninja is better than other free plug-in. I’ll try to use Security Ninja plug-in for my future website. Thanks for this awesome article.

  • Kostas

    November 6, 2013, 3:16 am

    I’ve been using Better WP Security for a while now and I like what it has to offer. It’s always good to learn of some alternatives as well though.


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