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Top 5 Security Plugins Available for Firefox and Chrome

Are you aware of the top security plugins available for Firefox and Chrome? For years, end users have debated over which browser provides superior performance.However, it all boils down to which one provides more security and privacy to safeguard personal information whenever you’re surfing the web. Without sufficient security and privacy, personal information, such as credit card details or social security numbers, can be easily compromised by keyloggers.This is why security plugins or extensions play a very important role in protecting your privacy.

In the past, most users preferred using Firefox over Chrome due to its useful security plugins.However, due to the noticeably increasing population of Chrome users, several developers have created a version of their software for Google Chrome.Typically, these plugins or extensions function the same way as the previously released version made available for Firefox browsers.

1# HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere was developed by Electronic Frontier Foundationalongside The Tor Project and primarily designed to encrypt your communication between websites that support HTTPS. It automatically activates an encrypted version of a supported website. There are various websites that give you the option to switch on their HTTPS capability while browsing. HTTPS Everywhere, on the other hand, saves you the trouble of individually switching to an encrypted version.

By simply installing this extension on your Firefox or Chrome browser, it automatically activates the security features of the supported website as long as such security features already exist. If a website does not support encryption,then this plugin cannot create its security features from scratch. HTTPS Everywhere ensures the following features once installed: Server validation, data privacy and data integrity. Firefox users can now download version 2.0 Stable and the Beta version for Chrome users. Currently it is not available for Internet Explorer, Safari, and other browsers. It works ona Windows based operating system such as Windows 7, Vista, and XP.


2# Adblock Plus

AdblockPlus (ABP)is a Firefox and Chrome extension that allows for more ease and security when browsing the web since it primarily blocks unwanted advertisements, images, iframes, scripts, flash, and tracking scripts. This extension allows users to browse the web faster since it blocks unwanted images and adverts from being downloaded. The earlier version,Adblock Plus 0.5, was first developed by Michael McDonald. This version was capable of creating whitelists, option to block unwanted background images, filter subscription with a fixed address that updates automatically, capability to hide HTML elements, and memory leak fixes.

Recent version of ABP was developed by WladimirPalant; then in 2007, it was handpicked by PC World as one of the best products that emerged during that year. Adblock Plus is also widely known for its EasyList subscriptions and Fanboy lists. EasyList has a list of filters that provides users the ability to stop unwanted ads, images, and tracking scripts. On the other hand, the Fanboy list features the ABP list, tracking list, and annoyance block list. For more information regarding its System Requirements, click here. (Source: Wikipedia.org)

Adblock for Firefox

Adblock for Chrome

3# LastPass

LastPass is a password manager program that provides a secure way to store personal information that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It automatically fills up a form with your username and password, and generates secure passwords with just one click.Gone are the days when you have to worry about losing your personal information because LastPass creates an encrypted backup copy online. It also has the ability to access and read data stored in a USB device.

Keyloggers are becoming increasingly difficult to detect and they are typically the reason why users get their personal information compromised. With this password manager program, you can make use of a virtual screen keyboard to safeguard any personal data entered on your PC. Just like most useful add-ons LastPass can be downloaded for free and is available for both Firefox and Chrome users.You will have the option to go premium in order to take advantage of more features for just a $1. One feature for premium accounts is the ability to access the program on their mobile phone.

LastPass for Firefox

LastPass for Chrome

4# Web of Trust (WOT )

WOT or Web of Trust is a free plugin that allows users to have a much safer experience when browsing the web or shopping online. You can decide which website to trust based on the ratings of millions of endusers who have already visited such websites. This plugin will show you a website’s reputation, whether they are safe or have already been flagged as a phishing or spam blacklisted site by other users. On the same note, you have the option to rate websites based on your own experience.

This plugin is available for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari browsers.  So once you register, you can start sharing your own experiences of various websites to other users. It is important to rate websites that you already know and have already visited. WOT provides a certain criteria that will serve as a guide for users while rating websites. You do not have to be a professional to start using this plugin because it is easy to use and allows for faster browsing.

WOT (Web of Trust) for Firefox

WOT for Chrome

5# McAfee SiteAdvisor

The McAfee SiteAdvisoris a free plugin that provides security rating icons which alert users of websites thatsuggest a possible threat. It also features an optional search box that allows for safe browsing on the web and a browser button that allows you to validate a certain website’s rating. To continuously update the rating of websites,McAfee visits and tests thousands of websites on a daily basis for various online security threats such as phishing, keyloggers, spyware, spam, browser exploits, and other types of malicious items. Unlike other plugins, SiteAdvisor does not gather and store personal information once installed. It is compatible typically with common search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, AOL, and Ask.

This plugin is easy to install and use. It works well with Windows 7, Vista (SP1+), and XP (SP3) operating systems and Firefox 6+, Chrome 13+, and IE 7+ browsers. McAfee also offers SiteAdvisor Live, which is a paid version that offers additional features including rating icons available for email, instant messaging clients, link sharing, and social network protection.Its Protection Mode is another cool feature which allows consumers to create a password as a precaution from visiting risky websites. Its Download Protection feature scans files, warns you of possible threats, and discontinues risky downloads.

McAfee SiteAdvisorRating Icons

There are several security plugins; however, not all are available for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. If you feel that a certain plugin or extension needs to be included on our list, make a comment and let us know why.By far, these are the top five security plugins that are currently available for Firefox and Chrome browsers based on their functionalities and current usage.


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