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Top 5 Programming Languages That Aspiring Developers Must Learn

Just like an artist uses different brushes for different purposes, coders have an array of programming languages, with each having its own purposes, plus, and minuses. For programmers, knowing the right language is the key to a successful program. Every language has its limitation and each has its power points. Each of the following languages is strongly linked with web development and design and useful in different ways. This is simply a reflection on the basic languages as a whole; deciding the most powerful language or the most useful one is a long and lengthy debate.


A hugely popular scripting language, JavaScript is one of the most powerful and the most popular as well. The standard usage is writing light weight scripts for the web back end; however it’s also used for other technologies such as desktop applications and mobile applications.

This is added into HTML pages to add interactivity to the otherwise static pages. JavaScript (JS) offers immense power, it is incredibly fast and is quickly gaining momentum towards being the favored language for even server side scripting, leaving once popular Ruby and Python behind. One of the reasons is that the same language can be used for server as well as client side code, as opposed to a combination of languages which usually means hiring different experts to do the job. But then again, client and server sides aren’t that different in the same language, and a person who knows either one can quickly pick up the other.


Python is a popular and powerful scripting language with the focus being on the fast pace it provides. The edit-test-debug cycle is very attractive for programmers. Python is often used as the combining element between other languages and modules, and has little relation with front end development.

Python encourages an object oriented style of programming, with a nice and readable code. However the code is not as mainstream and similar to other languages so it may take a while to stop putting that ending semicolon after every line.

Interesting fact: YouTube is built in Python.


The creator of Ruby wanted something clean and easy, and more importantly, a language that was even more object oriented than Python. Thus in Ruby, everything is an object and can have its own properties and actions. This scripting language is a lot like Python, with the focus being on speed and convenience, though one obvious difference between the two languages is that Ruby offers more flexibility for example  ‘+’ and ‘plus’ do the same thing.

Interesting fact: Twitter is built in Ruby.

PHP (Hypertext Pre-processing)

It’s a widely used scripting language in the World Wide Web. It can be embedded into HTML and is used for the server side scripting. A plus point is that it offers minimal lines of coding when compared with python and ruby, but a longer run time.

It is undoubtedly the most commonly used language when it comes to web development and is recommended learning before Python or Ruby, as it offers the most entry level jobs for programmers and web developers in the market.

Interesting fact: Face book is built in PHP.

XML (Extensible Markup Language)

While it is quite similar to HTML and both are used for front end programming, XML carries a lot more power, despite being the younger one. HTML comes with a predefined set of tags that are mainly used for defining appearance of page. XML offers separation of form and data; the tags are used to define the structure and placement of data whereas an accompanying style-sheet defines the styling and appearance. The tags in XML can be defined by an individual and are not restrictive to the predefined list, thus the increased power of XML.

Author Bio:- Roberto Dario is a freelance programmer and blogs for treehouse, where you will find lots of learning resources like html tutorial, javascript tutorial, css tutorials, and a lot more.

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