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Top 5 Places to Find Volunteering Opportunities Online

Volunteering is fun, it’s healthy, it’s a learning experience, and it gives you a unique feeling of fulfillment. It’s good for the society, it’s good for yourself, it’s good for your health and it’s good for your growth as an individual. In short, volunteering is something you must give a try in your spare time. It has become even more important in this age of Internet, when our contact with the real world is starting to get more and more limited. Not to mention that it has got many worldly benefits as well, for example, it can seriously improve your chances of getting a good job if you have taken part as a volunteer for a good cause.

The best part is, you can choose to volunteer in a way that is of interest to you and for a cause that is closest to your heart, because there are many different types of volunteering opportunities out there. Following are five online places to find the most suitable volunteering opportunity for you.

Do It:

Do it is a UK based platform for people looking to volunteer, and according to their records, they’re helping someone find a volunteering opportunity every 45 seconds. You can choose from many different types of volunteering opportunities in accordance to your own interests, including but not limited to, health, heritage, disaster relief, education, faith, homeless people, youth, women, or even political awareness campaigns. You will also find some information and advice related to overseas volunteering at this website.

Volunteer Match:

Volunteer match is an online community for people looking to lend their hands to help those in need. At the moment they have got more than 70, 000 opportunities at their website, ranging from environment to disaster relief, animals, mentor, health, homelessness, and the likes from all over the United States. You can simply search with your location or the most preferred type of volunteering. Apart from volunteering activities, you will also find a learning center that will teach you many valuable things about volunteering.


Volunteer is a platform for people looking for such opportunities in Australia. You will find specific programs like event volunteering, student volunteering, emergency volunteering, and even corporate volunteering. You can also search according to your preferred durations, choosing from a one-off event, short term, or long term affiliation. There is an active community, guidelines, and volunteering stories to inspire new members.


Vinspired has been working with volunteers and organizations since 2006, focusing on volunteers ranging from 14 to 25 years of age. There are different types of opportunities like outdoor volunteering, festival volunteering, student volunteering, career related volunteering, international volunteering, and even online volunteering.

Do Something:

Another thriving platform for volunteers and people looking to make some difference, if you are one of those people who believe in doing more than sitting and talking big, you can go straight to their “action finder” widget find something worth doing. It will help you find a volunteering job to do in your own city, school, or even home. You can choose one from different categories and decide if you’d like to take part alone, with your friends, or family members. There are different causes to support as well, for example bullying and violence, troops, relationships, poverty, and so on.

Author Bio:- Natasha Mesty writes for http://www.isvolunteers.org, where you can find volunteer programs and adventure travel opportunities.

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