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Top 5 News Apps for Android Devices

Android is one of the most popular operating system currently available in almost every Samsung and other mobile phones. You can find thousand of applications in android market for almost every category. Previously i wrote an article about 5 cool android apps which was highly appreciated by the TechMaish.com readers. Today i am going to share 5 news related applications with you. Hope you will like it.

1. Google Reader

One of the best and popular is Google Reader. It is used to read news, blogs, press releases and articles in one place. It is like RSS Feed reader. All you need is to follow a blog or site through Google Reader and you can then read later.

2. BBC News

BBC is one of the popular channel for news. For android devices they have a great app through which you can directly read BBC news on your device. You can customize the app according your specified categories. For example you can set business news, political news, tech news and so on..

3. Sky News

Another great channel for news is Sky News. They have also android app through which you can get latest breaking news about any event. The app has video player option through which you can also watch videos uploaded by the Sky News. The layout (display) is very ugly but still you can read the news easily on your screen.

4. Fox News

Fox News was the no.1 introducing android app for news. You can receive news alerts, headlines, news stories and you can also watch videos. The application also allow you to listen Fox Radio channel directly on your phone device.

5. Engadget

One of my favorite is Engadget, it allows me to get news related to gadgets, consumer electronics and technology. The writing team of Engadget is excellent and always provide great tech news with pictures and videos. It is also helpful for all the techno bloggers, because they can get fresh news in the field of technology.

Although there are several other applications available in the android market, but the above 5 are the one i have used. Try one of the them and share you useful thoughts below in the comment section.

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