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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Travellers

Today’s traveler is willing to tread all the corners of the world for business deals or to simply acquire peace of mind and a break from his/her demanding lifestyle. When technology is combined with travel, possibilities of a traveler to have an awesome experience at the places he/she travels to seem to grow ten-fold. And when all that vital information is available as a small downloadable application which the traveler can access from anywhere in the world, it becomes a virtual guide for all travel enthusiasts.

With numerous applications available on various platforms, some of them just stand out to be the most preferred, useful and accessible out of the lot.

Google Translate

This application enables the user to make up for the loss of words in a foreign country. With the ability to translate 64 languages just a few touches away, any traveler would find it extremely easy to get hold of basic phrases for day-to-day communication. And the best part is that this application is free.


This application is a free cloud based service that enables the user to share, access and store photos and videos.  With the availability of 2 GB space for a user, it is a simple way to upload numerous photos and videos of the destinations traveled.

Taxi Magic

If frequent travelers have ever wondered how to go about booking cabs in an unknown destination, then Taxi Magic would fit just right in their smartphones. With features to book a cab and track it, it is the best app for a tourist without means of transportation within city limits.


This mobile application is available on all platforms. Now, with accuweather.com offering the users all weather related information and a detailed forecast on their smartphones, this app is a must have for anyone who needs to plan a trip and avoid extreme weather in the process.


Keeping track of all kinds of travel arrangements has never been this easy and best of all, it is free. This app unwinds a whole bunch of information related to flights, restaurants, cars, hotels, concerts and events of cities around the world. With a brief exchange of emails, TripIt promises to organize the details into an easily understandable day-to-day itinerary. Several Integrations with the calendar and Facebook make this app a necessity for any travel enthusiast with a smartphone.

Author Bio:- This is a guest article written by Sapna, Manager at Taaza.com, an Indian horizontal site. Significant verticals include Jobs, Classifieds, News, Education, Photos, Movies, Travel, Shopping, Games and Finance.

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  • swathi

    October 9, 2012, 6:53 pm

    thanks for the post on mobile apps

  • Anish

    July 12, 2012, 5:59 pm

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I haven’t tried taxi magic,but i will try it asap. Try to add some more



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