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Top 5 Magento Extensions To Augment Your Business

It’s not been too long and it just happened on 2008. But it’s estimated that Magento is gonna serve 1 million websites in fewer days. For anything that is to build an eCommerce website, Magento is the platform that is commonly looked for recently. Magento happens to be a widely preferred eCommerce platform for the past few years and for anyone who wishes to come up with a successful eCommerce business, Magento can be perfectly relied on. This absolute eCommerce platform is the best with one or more extensions being encrypted on the shopping site. There are a number of Magento extensions being offered over the web and hence picking up the best one really matters. In this post, I’ve found you few perfect Magento extensions that helps you come up with an amazing online shopping site.

Magento Facebook App

Every small and big online businesses are switching over to Facebook marketing strategy in the recent days. Facebook is all over and hence fixing to an extension that features Facebook can be the best way of marketing. Magento Facebook App is an Apptha product that lets you to integrate social shopping by means of Facebook. With this, your customers can shop your product catalog that is directly available on your magento store through Facebook profile. The user is also allowed to recommend their favorite product to their friends, thereby increasing the publicity of the product. They can also invite their friends to buy a product from the product catalog. Another best thing with this extension is, it changes all new visitors to active customers by default login.

[Download Link]


Blog is a Magento extension that allows you to interact with your customers, by which you can get a proper feedback on your products. This blog extension comes with the very typical features as that of a blog. You can write blog posts on your upcoming products, newly launched products, offers, appreciations, affiliations and so many things with your customers, thereby allowing them to share comments in back. There is an excellent commenting option where your customers can share their comments and you can reply back.

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Social Login

Most of the customers give up their idea of purchasing a product online just because the site asks a new site account to be created. Signing up for a new account hesitates most of them, which finally rides them to close the site page. But, almost every internet user have accounts on Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo. Making use of these accounts to login is really a great option to drive customers to any eCommerce site. Social login is a Magento extension that comes up with this very feature. It is just enough to enter the user name and password. The extension is easy to configure and install. It is 100% open source and comes with an excellent user-friendly interface.

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Customers Who Purchased

This is a Magento extension that displays products that were already purchased by other customers. The thing is displayed on any product page and when your customer is viewing a product, he/she can go through the other products that were already purchased by customers. This could temp customers to purchase those products too by going with the best up sell and cross sell options. ‘Customers who purchased’ extension happens to be an excellent solution for sales enhancement. The extension’s functionality code is 100% Open Source.

[Download Link]

Apptha’s One Step Checkout

One Step checkout extension from Apptha happens to be a unique extension for making a payment process in a much easier way. It comes with a single step checkout process, which allows you to complete the payment process in a single page. This otherwise in a normal checkout process takes six pages to go through. This magento extension has got all these six steps combined into a single step. It also allows customers to add items even at the last minute, without having to end the process and start adding from the beginning.

[Download Link]

So, if ever you are looking to build an online store that is pleasing and user-friendly, soon get your sites installed up with one or many of these extensions!

Author Bio:- Kristen Hanna is the author of this blog post. She is ultimately passionate about writing blogs on anything that is  related to Magento Facebook Referral Extensions and Magento Themes, WordPress Themes and Mobile eCommerce. Hanna also holds experience in writing articles on mobile and web development.

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