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Top 5 Gadgets for College Grads

Graduation ceremonies are slowly approaching. Do you have that perfect gift for your college graduate? Here are a few suggestions on cool gadgets for your college graduate. These are just a couple cool gadgets for your college graduate. Congratulations to you and the college graduate in your life.

1. Laptop

Four years or more of schooling your college grad may need a laptop upgrade. There are many laptops to choose from. Our favorite of course is the MacBook Pro. College grads still have time to take advantage of the Apple’s educational discounts before graduation.

2. Tablet or e-reader

More people are leaving their heavier bulky computers and laptops at home and investing in tablets and e-readers. The tablet that you give your grad depends on their specific needs. If your grad is interested in reading books but not so much into hauling them around the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook would be perfect for them. Apple’s iPad is a great all around tablet that can also be used for reading books. While the iPad is a much more pricey tablet than the Kindle or Nook more can be done with the device.

3. Smartphone

Want to keep up with your grad and see how their post college job search is doing? A smartphone is a must for every college graduate to have. There are many smartphones from Apple’s iPhone, the Blackberry and the variety of Android smartphones on the market. How did we live without smartphones? Smartphones are excellent for college grads because they keep you organized but also let you have fun and update your social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

4. MP3 Player & Headphones

After years of listening to teachers lectures on boring and not so boring topics give your college grad something else to listen to. An mp3 player will allow your college grad time to sit back, relax and listen to some sounds. If you want to be a really cool parent pair the mp3 player with Dr. Dre’s Beats earphones. The earphones were created by the rapper to allow consumers to have the same studio quality experience djs and musicians have when they listen to music.

5. Camera

A digital camera is a gift to give your grad before graduation. The soon to be college grad can use the camera to take photos the last couple of weeks of school and during the graduation ceremony. There are a number of cameras that fit everyone’s budget from Kodak’s easyshare for under $100 bucks to Canon’s digital Rebel XTi for $1000.

Author Bio:- Virginia Cunningham is a freelance technology writer based in Los Angeles, California. She currently blogs about video equipment and video security for VideoSurveillance.