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Top 5 Free Stock Photos Websites

As a web designer you will be needing photos and images to include in your project. Internet is full of several such websites from where you can get free photos. Here i will try to cover the best websites where you can find free vector images and photos.

1# FreeDigitalPhotos.net

One of the most popular website on internet is freedigitalphotos.net where you can find photos of different cateogries. For example Health, People, Business etc…


You can find images of nature, landscapes, cityscapes, commercial and personal use photos. The quality of all the photos are very good and different categories are available.

3# SXC.hc

This website has around 394408 images and user are adding more and more. You can also upload your own photos in the website. This website was started in 2009 and till now its database has one of the quality photos available.

4# Free-StockPhotos.com

This website claims to provide only and only high quality images. I personally recommend this website, because after going through it, i found a large database of quality photos. From animals to candles it has lots of photos.

5# DepositPhotos.com

Another website that i will recommend is depositphotos.com where you can find free stock photos and images. It has wide rang of cateogories where you can find images and photos on almost every topic.

Hope the above mention websites will help you in your projects. Of course it is impossible to find every photo in 1 website, however you can search all the websites to find your exact image or photo in the above mention websites.

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  • sai krishna

    March 6, 2012, 3:12 pm

    your first linked website is very awesome with high quality images .


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