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Top 5 Free Social Networks Apps

Today I believe almost everyone heard about social networks as a mean of communication. The very first social networks were started as very small test projects. Just remember Facebook that began its life as a small university network for students.

The developers couldn’t even predict that they will gain such popularity as they have today. They have become not only areas for chatting and sharing photos and videos but also the place where you may find a business partner or promote your services.

The number of social networks is growing so quickly that sometimes it is impossible to check or remember all of them. And there is a new tendency to the development of business networks that join the specialists from one specific area, that allow to find new business contacts and work out new projects all overthe world.

Mobile world

You can’t deny that mobile technologies have become an integral part of our everyday life. The world of mobile phones has made great progress since the introduction of the very first mobile phone in 1983. The changeover to smartphone technologies and the design of apps for mobile operation systems is another stage of the mobile development.

Today it is impossible to imagine our life without smartphone (no matter how banal it may sound, but it is true!). Just think! We use cell phones everywhere: at work, at home, while driving and even while wego out of town to have a picnic with our friends. Everywhere!

Mobile Integration

So it would be strange ifa more or less big social networkdidn’t have a mobile presence – a mobile app that allows you to stay in touch with you on-line friends 24/7 via the Internet.  Some big networks have even several of them developed by different companies or even groups of mobile designers.

Most of such apps are free and available for downloading from App Store (Apple), Play Market (Google), App World (Blackberry) and many others.

However, not all of them are identically good. Some of them have better performance, design or technical support. So, let’s have a look at the best of them.

Free Social Network Apps. Top 5

1) Facebook App (for iOS)/Facebook for Android. I don’t think that it is somehow strange that this very app opens the list. Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with the biggest number of followers. But only official app provides its users with the full range of specs and functions.

2) Google+ (Android). Google+ social networks have been started not long ago, but the number of its followers is growing very fast. One of the reasons is a quality mobile app for smartphones.

3) Instagram (both for iOS and Android). An excellent app for photo sharing with you community.

4) Twitter (iOS/Android). Could the list be without this social network app? I don’t think so. Millions of people share their news via the official app of twitter each minute.

5) And the last but not the least is Foursquare. It is a very interesting service that will allow you to find out more about the city you stay in, about the places you may visit and many more.

Author Bio:- My name is KaterinaMerzlova. I’m a copywriter in Intellectsoft, an IT company that develops advanced apps for smartphones. I spend lots of time reading and writing about mobile technologies. You may also read the blog to find out more about me and my work.

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