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Top 5 Essential Tools for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

In my search for the perfect advice on Top 5 Essential Tools for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, I recently came across a blog where the commentator compared Pay-Per-Click Campaigns with the Wall Street where the PPC exchanges never slept. I was struck by the analogy rather like a student of literature lighting upon an illuminating quote. The analogy is more than apt and can explain a lot of the nitty-gritties of PPC leveraging really well. Just as financial engineers constantly try and innovate on financial offerings to help bankers achieve massive profit figures, you need to try and streamline the keywords you use on a regular basis to keep the inflow of traffic to your website on a vertical climb.

So, without any further ado, I present you with the Top 5 Essential Tools for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns. These are tools that can help you in both designing your PPC campaign with quick segmentation and grouping of large lists of keywords, as well as monitor their effectiveness at a later stage.

1. Keyword Editing Tool: Google AdWords Editor

This one is nearly a no-brainer and forms a staple of any Internet marketer’s diet. This nifty application even lets you make changes in your own AdWords account even when you are not logged in. This is particularly useful for marketers who are constantly on the go since it allows you to use the application on the go, even when you don’t have a connection. It might be a personal bias, but I also find it useful to perform a lot of regular AdWords-related tasks on this rather than doing them through the actual interface.

The user-friendly interface of GAE can also let you perform many other PPC tasks in a flash. It’s a wonder how some of these simple things can prove to be so cumbersome in other tools!

Need to import or export elements?

You do not need to pay for expensive third-party software anymore. The Adwords Editor is without a doubt the best way to export and import elements to Yahoo! or MSN in the blink of an eye.

Change campaign elements

Right off the bat, the procedure in Editor is not exactly user-intuitive when it comes to this task. But if you do manage to get the hang of it, it turns out to be delightfully useful. Whether you need to move campaigns, ad groups, keywords or edit entire ads, you can do it all using the AdWords Editor.

Other append tools

Bulk adjustments to keywords have never been easier with AdWords’ Find and Replace, Spelling checker, Track Duplicate Keyword and a host of other functions. You can just put in your ad copy or URL information and let the tool do its own work.

2. Competitive Research Tool: SpyFu

Have to say the No. 2 in this list really deserves its place. While the ethical debate may continue forever, this nifty tool can help you sevenfold your profit in a much shorter span of time. Its organic search results display keywords that your competitors are buying and bidding for right now. SpyFu even offers advanced features like finding the average cost per click and search volume. It can also help you track related keywords in your specific niche. However, SpyFu is a paid service.

3. Budget Estimation Tool: Google Traffic Estimator

GTE can help you accurately calculate the amount of Google AdWords ad clicks and to ascertain bid values if you want the top ad position. Although the estimates offered by this tool can be rough, it is generally quite useful at depicting relative search volume and thus helps you ascertain ad budget requirements.

4. Bid Management Tool: BidMax

To be honest, continuously monitoring and managing every pay-per-click campaign you initiate can be quite a chore. It can even end up encroaching on your active earning potential by increasing maintenance periods. The constant worry is to maintain and improve your Return on Investment (ROI) without exceeding your budget. Manually monitoring and updating your bids and keywords is passé and needlessly eats up your active earning time. That is why it is useful to automate the entire process by using a tool like BidMax. It makes use of complex bidding algorithm that can do everything from setting automated bids to the final process of producing comprehensive reports with a clear indication of your ROI in order to keep constant track of the performance of your campaign.  There is no need to waste time anymore with more than necessary labor on managing multiple PPC campaigns. With this one, easy-to-use tool, you can now manage all of them simultaneously on a single interface whether you are campaigning for Google, Yahoo or Bing.

5. Ad Optimization Tool – AdComparator

Standard A/B split testing is a commonly used tool by many PPC campaigners, but it limits them to only being able to test out a single variable at a time. AdComparator uses the Taguchi Method and enables users to administer the same tests for up to 15 different elements of any advertisement, website, or email campaign. This multivariate is a really useful feature of PPC campaign analysis and testing.

It can help you cut down on a huge chunk of your research and analysis time by showing you the most suitable combination of ad or campaign elements within a fraction of the time of repeated manual tests. Needless to say this can, in turn, positively influence your conversion rates to a great degree. You want to know what the best news is. This script is dead simple to use even for laymen like yours truly and it is completely free to use.

So, that comprises my little list of Top 5 Essential Tools for Pay-Per-Click Campaigns that I have found useful in designing and monitoring my own PPC campaigns. However, it should be mentioned here that the above is only a sampling of the many, multifaceted tools available online today and not all of them cost a pretty penny. You should always conduct your own experiments to find out which combination of tools suit you best.

Author Bio:- This guest post is contributed by Gem Franco on behalf of OpenHost.co.nz, a web and domain hosting company that focuses on servicing the small to medium sized business market. Gem is a freelance writer whose articles appear on various Technology and Internet Marketing blogs.

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