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Top 5 Businessmen From Whom You Can Take A Lesson

Businessmen From Whom You Can Take A Lesson

One of the topics that is currently attracting the attention of readers according to the write my essay Canada forums is Business. That’s why we’ve decided to tell you about the 5 most successful executives you can learn from. Being a successful businessman is not an easy task, but is it not impossible. There are endless options with which you can become rich, you just have to know where to look for them.

In this article, we will show you 5 men who started their lives being ordinary people, driving a normal car, living in a small apartment and even watching TV online. However, they were visionaries; they worked hard, with dedication and never gave up despite the adversities, which led them to be authentic successful businessmen.

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Steve Jobs

Perhaps one of the best-known stories is of the great founder of Apple “Steve Jobs”. Despite what many believe, at the beginning, Steve Jobs was responsible for marketing, while the author of most of the technological developments of the company was Stephen Wozniak.

However, thanks to the persuasion of Jobs, he managed to finish the draft of a new microcomputer, which would take the company to be one of the best computer companies nowadays. This is achieved thanks to its patents Apple I and Apple II, which allowed them to be the company that is now known around the world.

In 1980 Jobs becomes a multimillionaire, with the first sale of shares of the company. But Jobs would not be satisfied with Apple alone, he wanted to master other areas entirely new to him. That`s why in 1986 he bought Pixar (The Graphics Group), which is currently estimated to have generated millions of dollars in profits.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the most recognized engineers today thanks to his great inventions that took us closer to the future.

Musk was responsible for bringing to our lives PayPal, which today is recognized as the most popular and safe electronic payment system for online shopping in the world. He raised more than $200 million by selling this service in 2002.

Musk did not stop here, nowadays he is awarded numerous technological advances, among which we highlight: Tesla Model S and Tesla Model 3 (luxury cars, high speed, and of course, insurance for the environment); and the Falcon 9 rocket (reusable space rocket that he made in his company Space X).

Li Kashin

The richest and most influential man of Hong Kong and Asia is adjudged to Li Kashin, with an estimated fortune of 25,500 million dollars in 2015.

All his success is achieved thanks to the companies Cheung Kong Group and Hutchinson Whampoa; of which he is chairman of the board of directors. These companies are responsible for managing 15% of Hong Kong’s shareholder market.

Kashin was not always a rich and successful person. He was born in a common family; his father was a teacher. When he was a teenager, he began to change the watch straps and later he got a job in a plastic watch manufacturing company. After a few years and many hours of work, Kashin became independent and began to trade with plastic flowers, which would take him later to lead his own company.

Mark Zuckerberg

Undoubtedly, Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, must be in this Top, he is the living example that with effort, dedication and vision you can achieve success in whatever you propose. The most impressive thing is that with only 32 years old his fortune exceeds 52,000 million dollars.

But, why did he become a millionaire with Facebook? This is due to the endless advantages of social media: It allows us to communicate instantly, create multiple job offers, provide entertainment, share knowledge, among others.

However, the success of Zuckerberg lies in the fact that Facebook offers us special advantages that no other social platform does: exchange of information. It offers us a great capacity for personal compilation and it gives us the possibility to connect with old friends and family.

Sheldon Adelson

Considered the richest Jew in the world, Sheldon Adelson has a fortune estimated in 38,000 million dollars. This man had immigrant parents, his family was very poor and they did not have enough money to pay for a higher education. But, despite the obstacles that life put in his way, Sheldon was able to move forward and give a new direction to his life.

In his youth he had a wide variety of jobs: Milkman, newspaper salesman, coal miner, among others. After a few years Adelson was interested in Business and became an investment expert and an impressive financial advisor. Thanks to his work, more than 50 profitable, sustainable and successful companies were created.

In 1979, Adelson focused his attention in the computer industry, that at that time was developing at a fast pace. He founded his own company called Computer Dealers Exhibition. Subsequently, this successful businessman began the construction of his own hotel-casino, The Venetian.

The latest achievement of Adelson is the construction in Singapore of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, Marina Bay Sands. This businessman manages to make his hotels so successful, thanks to taking into consideration the social media benefits giving special importance to his clients’ reviews and suggestions.

Businessman 2015 2017
Steve Jobs $50.000 million $52.900 million
Elon Musk $7.000 million $15.600 million
Li Kashin $25.500 million $33.000 million
Mark Zuckerberg $18.000 million $30.000 million
Sheldon Adelson $20. million $30.400 million

With this 5 examples you can realize that we can all be authentic successful businessmen, we just have to work hard and be perseverant, constant and visionary. Remember that it is not necessary to be born rich to be successful.

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