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Top 5 Books for Learning SEO

Okay, let’s get real: SEO is not the easiest concept to understand.

In theory, it’s all about driving consumers to your website. But shy of hiring a company to take over and manage this task for a fee, becoming the master of your domain is one big challenging task. (George Costanza may disagree, but that is an entirely separate issue!)

If you’re attempting to wrap your head around how to increase SEO for your business, start here. Reading up on some strategies is the way to go. It takes a bit of time to understand the jargon and to follow the line of thinking, but this is clear: Your business will benefit in a huge way with a minimal time and research investment.

Consider the following list of great books as your guide to taking some steps to really engage with what Search Engine Optimization is all about:

1# FREE GOOGLE: Free SEO, Social Media, and AdWords Resources from Google for Small Business Marketing – $2.99

 SEO Book

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS and small business owners who need clear, easy to understand, concise, and useful information about understanding SEO. Thank you, Jason McDonald! Free resources are listed in this book, and aren’t those the best kind? The angels sang when this one came out. This one is particularly great for understanding how Adwords works and how to use it.

Download <<<

2# SEO 2013 & Beyond :: Search engine optimization will never be the same again – 3.99

 SEO 2013 and Beyond

USER BEWARE: Google made hundreds of changes in policy in 2011 and even more in 2012. This is an excellent source to consider if you’re looking to update your knowledge and to make sure that you don’t get booted right off the site. 

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3# 99 Ways To Flood Your Website With Traffic – $2.99

ways to flood traffic

IN A WORD: STRATEGIZE.   With over 75 free tactics and over 20 “paid traffic strategies,” this ebook is perfect for blend various strategies for even stronger traffic-driving results.

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4# SEO for WordPress: How To Get Your Website on Page #1 of Google…Fast! (Read2Learn Guides) – $4.97

SEO for WordPress

One reviewer for this book shared, “I’m so glad I bought this book before I paid someone $500 to analyze my website.”  This book is the one to use if you’re stepping up from “beginner” to “intermediate” in understand and applying strategies for SEO. The language is easy to understand, and as the title implies, this is geared especially for WordPress.

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5# SEO Made Simple (second edition): Strategies For Dominating The World’s Largest Search Engine – $2.99

 SEO Made Simple

Michael Fleischner is well known in the field on SEO, and this is one of his better works. Geared toward the beginner, this book is excellent for the “student of SEO” who needs to learn a lot in a short amount of time. He breaks it down very well, and this is an excellent resource to have readily available to you.

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SEO is extraordinarily important in driving business to your site.  Hiring an SEO Consultant to do this for you may be the way to go, or maybe you’ll do it completely on your own. Either way, you should have some handy resources available to you, and you should know the basics so that you can discuss strategies and applications with your team. Drive business right to your cyber-doorstep! Good luck out there!

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Author Bio:- Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer for Reputation.com.

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