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Top 5 Best Apps For iPad2 For 2012

Apple recently went through a review of all those apps that were launched successfully this year and the ones which would keep them busy for the upcoming days in the year 2012 which is just some days away. Usually the number of subscriptions, purchases and reviews renders any app a failure or at a height of its success which further leads towards its updates at later dates as well. Below are some apps that were not only a breakthrough in this year but have got some promising up gradation in 2012 as well.

1# Angry birds

This app immediately made it to sky rocketing heights immediately and as soon as it was launched this year. This happens to be highly addictive and that’s perhaps the reason for it to being forwarded to the year 2012 with more obsessive features and improvements.  The fact that one can easily feel addicted and obsessed over it among the many games of iPad 2, accounts for its massive popularity that is predicted to increase in the coming year as well.

The app also happens to be of great presentation from a wide array of respects which promises to take iPad 2 a step further in simplifying the lives of its users.

2# Tiny Tower

The app has earned so far the maximum number of downloads all because of its user friendly and user intuitive interface in addition to productive techniques. This game is one of the best podiums for playing over towers of multiple storey in which you can actually make the inhabitants work for you. The fact that one can easily manage the influx of cash is what makes the game is addictive and promises to be addictive in the coming year among players.

3# Super 8

This app is all about recording videos to create a movie out of it and sharing family and friends. This app has so far captivated the most hiked up of the status simply for its recording feature and which has turned the technology of your camera in to a film shooting apparatus. Plus you can easily add, edit to make it more real and give it a feel of a real movie.

4# Garage Band

If you previously didn’t know that you too were a very talented musician then despair not for Garage Band is out there to unleash all your hidden talents. It provides with all those professional affects as well as instruments with the likes of the most innovative and recent of guitars, pianos, drums, etc and hence you can create your iPad in to a small studio of your own where you can create a whole album.

5# Auditorium notes

It comes along with remarkable audio recording features that allow you to produce audio notes in addition to straightforward notes based on texts. The interface is simply outstanding for it not only allows you to customize in harmony with various paper and font textures but also let you arrange them as per different headings and categories for rapid consultancy and reference.

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  • Mackil

    June 18, 2012, 8:51 pm

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