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Top 5 Applications with File Sharing Features

Advances in communication technology enable business owners as well as individuals to connect and make negotiations with each other.  One of the most efficient ways that enable people to communicate and share information instantly is file sharing. File sharing usually follow peer to peer model and it usually involve the exchanging of files between two users. The rule is simple, the uploader is the one that sends the file and the downloader is the one that saves it and store it in their computers.

Before important documents and information is can only be set through postal service which may take days or weeks before the recipient receive it.  However, from the time that the internet is introduced, file sharing technology have evolved and now people can share music, videos, documents and files in just a matter of seconds or almost instantly.  Furthermore, mobile applications is also introduced which enable people to download or upload documents through their mobile phones. This enables the people to share files anytime and anywhere.

Different Applications with File Sharing Features

1# Napster

Napster is the first application that introduces the P2P file sharing service. This is the reason why Napster is considered to be one of the most popular icons in entertainment and computer fields.  This program allows you to download pictures, music and other files.

2# iMEsh

IMesh is a social network that is equipped with fie sharing system. It is also known that iMesh is the one that introduce the concept of swarming. Through swarming, a user can download a file from many sources at the same time which makes the download process faster.


This application is commonly used to convert files in the internet into mp3 files.  It enables users to exchange files that are in different format by using the FastTrack protocol. With Kazaa, documents, videos and software applications is made available for downloaders. However, because of these features Kazaa become the target of copyright-related issues which lead to its decline. Furthermore, Kazaa become infamous because it helps spread Trojans, viruses, malwares and other malicious software to millions of users.

4# Limewire

Limewire is similar to iMesh and it also uses P2P sharing programs and this is considered to be one of the most popular file sharing applications used today. This application allows users to download music videos and documents as well as mp3 files. Although Lime wire is free software, it differs from other free versions because it allows a user to simultaneously download from 10 peers instead of the standard 8.

5# BitTorrent

Bittorrent is also a P2P file sharing system. It allows users to connect with each other and allows them to receive or send a portion of a file. There are also many applications that are similar to BitTorrent but what separates it from them is that BitTorrenths has a central server or tracker that coordinates the action made by all peers. Furthermore, its tracker bandwidth is utilized efficiently since BitTorrent automatically upload the file while the user is downloading it. Currently, BitTorrent is used to download, latest movies, music and software applications.

These are some of the applications that you can use today to download and share files in the internet. Using these applications will allow you to download the latest music, videos as well as software applications that you want.

Author Bio:Guest post contributed by Kerby Smith, on behalf of FileTrek.com – a mobile content management and tracking solution provider that offers Collaborative Online Workspace and Mobile Workforce Management.

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