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Top 5 Android Apps That Will Improve Your Photography

Android phones having cameras are known to be highly complicated yet rewarding as well. This means there is no parallel in getting such high quality picture some other way, is there? Capturing pictures via your Android phone and being part of the in crowd having the most wonderful of profile pictures is no hard a task now. With these applications the pictures that you will get would definitely be sharp and clear as you have never seen them.

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1# Fast Camera

You can save up on that time that it takes to move from a camera to a gallery. Fast Camera happens to be immediately save all your pictures hence you don’t have to wait while moving from your capture to the gallery to view them. Without moving you out from the view finder, this app saves your pictures instantly. Hence for all those photographers who want to capture moments after moments without having to push and click here and there, then Fast Camera is a good option for them.

Install from Playstore

2# Action snap

Blurry pictures is the dilemma of every photographer especially that of a newbie. In camera of phones this is the most happening case for actions and subsequent movements often capture pictures like these. Action snap is an app that takes more than five moments one after the other to take in one single moment. The gap between each of these pictures is about 0.3 seconds. Hence this reduces the chances of error in a way that at least one out of six photos might be okay even where there was a lot of movement.

Download Here – Make sure to scan the file before installing as it is hosed by third party.

3# Frame Gabber

This is a great app to take in the most unanticipated of the moments that one tends to lose like that. What you can do is keep your phone prepared for video recording as you feel something interesting is looming in and what you can later to do is covert that video in to a series of pictures. Frame Grabber would in fact still all such moments hence it gives you the liberty to select what you want to ‘still’ the moment in and save them forever.

Download from Playstore

4# Photoshop Mobile

You might be anxious that even if you are using your android phone even then the picture is not close to perfect. The app Photoshop Mobile has all the aspects of photography that are compatible with Android phones, almost all of them. Hence it makes it all the more convenient for you don’t have to edit that much of stuff at one time. All that you would have to do set the colors, crop the photo via you touch screen add some interesting effects and there you go.

Playstore Download

5# Photo Mail

This Android app makes sharing of pictures very easy and quick. All that you have to do is make a copy of your picture and simply email your photography art to friends and family by just using some editing as well as adding features such as graphics and texts etc.

Download from Playstore

Thus, android apps have the power to convert even the dumbest photography of yours in to some work of a professional in no time.

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