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Top 3 WordPress Plugins for Social Media

The WordPress platform is quite simply the best Content Management System around in terms of ease of use and reliability. It can be installed on your web hosting account in a matter of minutes, and their plugin system allows you to add nearly any functionality to your website with the click of a button. Social media plugins make it far easier for visitors to share your content. Here are the top three social media plugins currently available.

Share This

share it plugin

The easiest way to make sharing convenient for your users is with Share This. Even users who access your blog or website from their cell phones using a mobile broadband connection will be able to use the capabilities of Share This. It provides simple buttons alongside your posts that allow visitors to Tweet your articles, post links to Facebook, or E-mail them to colleagues and friends. Share This is almost mandatory for blogs at this point.

Share This is found on over 1 million websites as of the time of this writing. The latest version of the service supports over 50 commonly used platforms and social sharing networks. You can even analyze sharing statistics with your Share This account to see who’s sharing your content, as well as which buttons are clicked most often. If you feel like getting technical and digging a bit deeper into what’s possible with the plugin, Share This also features a handy API for you to tinker with.


WP Super Cache

wp super cache

The highly interactive web of the 21st century which we’ve become accustomed to in the past decade has greatly enhanced the online experience. The only problem is that it’s fairly taxing on your servers. Database queries and data stored per user continue to increase every year. The best way to make sure your WordPress installation remains fairly responsive is with WP Super Cache It’s a caching plugin that intelligently manages frequently accessed resources.



(Courtesy of javier.reyesgomez)

Much like Share This, Sociable is another way to allow users to share content they find on your site. Sociable puts links to social sharing sites on your web pages. When viewers see something they want to bookmark, they click a button and it saves or submits the content for them to the service of their choice. So whether they want to add a post to Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit, or Facebook, there’s an easy way for them to do so.

The most recent release adds a few changes to update the plugin for greater flexibility and customization. You can add custom icons, change headers, and fiddle with various other aspects of the appearance of your sharing buttons. It gives you complete control over what icons are included or left out. Sociable makes sharing easy for those accessing your site from a mobile broadband device like a smart phone or a tablet.


WP Super Cache takes dynamic pages and generates static HTML from them. For the most part, users who access your blog won’t need the PHP engine to be fired up for every page. So WP Super Cache makes sure that they get far quicker static HTML pages served to them unless they need dynamic content. Like most WordPress plugins, you can install Super Cache with just one click from inside your back-end administrative panel.

Final Thoughts

The nicest thing about plugins is that they do all the heavy lifting for you with respect to social media integration. Obviously, you can’t take full advantage of plugins with the WordPress mobile app on your smart phone due to the screen size limitations. But tablet-optimized WordPress apps will allow you to configure your plugins just as you would on a laptop. In any event, the WordPress plugins listed above are definite must-haves for any blog or website.

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