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Top 3 Traditional Games Played On Internet

Online gaming has become one of the major phenomena of the new millennia, with millions of people playing over the Internet at every moment, day or night, each day of the year. The internet gaming has reached an unbelievable development and people are still beginning to play online as we speak, choosing among the thousands of games that are available now. Although new games are released each day, there are some traditional games that have stood the test of time in the online world, continuing to be among the most popular and famous online games.

Have a look on the following 3 traditional games that are played the most.

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Online Poker

Truly the champion of traditional games played on the internet, the poker game has become a hit online, with millions of players and billions of dollars being wagered each year. Multi-million poker tournaments are organized online and people truly become millionaire by playing this game on the internet on websites like 888poker. Among the various types of poker played online, the favorite has always been Texas Hold’em, even if the other variations also have huge numbers of fans. Although luck is also involved, online poker requires skills and practice, as the best players have the knowledge and strategies to win.

Online Bingo

It is estimated that there are more than 100 million bingo players around, with women aged between 20 and 50 making up 80% of this figure. Statistics do suggest that men are yet to get on board the online bingo revolution, with Ladbrokes suggesting that women account for 83% of online players.

The statistics certainly support the idea that online bingo has grown rapidly in recent years. Its popularity is likely the result of its flexibility, eliminating the limiting factors such as restrictive timetables that playing at a live bingo hall brings. The recession has further benefit the bingo industry, with the craze of ‘Online Bingo Parties’ providing many players with a cheap, fun alternative to night out.

Online Roulette

Just like the traditional roulette game played in regular casinos, online casino roulette played over the internet offers a high level of interactivity and excitement. Online roulette is the third popular traditional game of the internet, also grabbing a huge fan base. The thrill of seeing the wheel and the ball spinning and hoping to land on your betting numbers is unique and there is something classy about playing roulette that is even felt online. Although not as popular as the other two, online roulette can also score massive wins with the correct strategy and some luck.

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  • John Harvey

    September 26, 2013, 5:00 am

    I am surprised to find that monopoly is not in the scene.

  • Tulai Paul

    September 14, 2013, 11:30 am

    It is important to note that even mobile versions of many online games have come out. Besides poker or roulette, even people are relying on various mobile apps and games provided by the leading network like chartboost or appnext.


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