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Top 3 Ski Navigation Apps for 2012

As the market for smart phones and apps continues to expand, you can now find page after page of skiing and snowboarding apps. From up-to-the-minute snow reports, ticket and travel deals, to lessons and navigation, apps are available for every aspect of skiing. Navigation apps are becoming increasingly popular as a tool for orientation as well a fun way to track your stats and compare with friends. The following paragraphs will outline the top 3 ski navigation apps for 2012.


SNOCRU was developed by lifetime skier Ed Lewis to be the first micro-social network for the snow sports industry. The app is well developed, and has great depth enhancing on mountain experience and navigation and allowing you to connect socially. In addition offering global snow reports, the app can pinpoint your friends in 3D in real time, making it easier to meet one another. The app also tracks you, showing you your GPS location, speed, distance, vertical, altitude and slope angle. Lastly, you can update your status, chat with friends and post photos and connect to Facebook and Twitter.

iTrailMap 3D

This app covers over 750 resorts worldwide and functions as an enhanced version of the trail maps available at ticket windows. In addition to showing the trail names and difficulty and lift locations, it allows you to explore the mountain in 3D. Further, the app pinpoints your location in real time and tracks your speed, vertical and distance skied. Tracking your runs is a great way to record and remember your ski day, and makes it very easy to share with friends at the end of the day. An added bonus is that once downloaded, it requires no network coverage or internet to function.


This excellent app allows you to navigate your favourite mountain with augmented reality and makes it much easier to get oriented to a new mountain. Versatile and functional, the app turns your phone into a personal guide. By holding your phone as if taking a picture, the screen displays a wealth of information, including run names and difficulty, lift names, restaurants, temperature, direction and more. In addition, the app incorporates geotagging, a valuable tool for marking your car, favourite spots, or lost equipment. The app can also take photos and connect to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Currently available for more than 100 North American resorts, this app can help you wherever you choose to take your next ski trip.

Author Bio:- Claire Jenkins has worked in the snow sports industry for the past 5 years, working at various resorts in Austria, Canada and France. She is currently working with Chill Factore as a freelance writer sharing her experience of snow sports. Chill Factore is the largest indoor ski slope in Britain.

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