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Top 3 Privacy Protection Apps for Android Phones

Android platform is a very popular platform today in the world of mobile devices. Several apps are available in Google Play Store and you can find a app for almost any purpose. It is the world’s largest used Mobile Operating System. Today, 1 out 5 individual has a smart phone in there pockets, and all those devices are filled with private data and other private files. Obviously, these devices are good targets for hackers and virus maker to intrude once privacy and steal there data.

So, how can you save someone from this and how is it possible. Well, if you are an Android user, you are just at the right place, to get things rolling. Here are some very good apps, that can protect your data very easily.

1# Webroot Security and Antivirus

Webroot Security a

The feature of this Android Security App is that it offers many good features, that are even not available by big named publisher like McAfee. This app has a feature that can wipe all data on the phone, once its stolen or lost, preventing it to fall in the wrong hands. There is Privacy Inspector, that can block phone calls and SMS from the numbers you choose to. This Android App also provides a App inspector that will scan apps and check if its dysfunctional in any sorts. You can even track your lost or stolen phone via the web portal of this app.

You also get features like secure browsing, SIM card locking facility, remote access and device lock with the good Antivirus protection. This is the app that even I use and till now I don’t have any complains and I am really satisfied with its performance.

Download from Google Ply Store<<


2# Avast Mobile Security

Avast Android App

Avast is a very reputed in the computer security department, it has been here from a long time and now they are delivering there successful products to mobile handsets. They are one of the most trusted brand over the world for security softwares.

The feature of this Android security app, are very good. It has all the features that Webroot Security has and also has some very new features, it can hide apps and messages that you want to. It can notify that your phones SIM card has been changed and even give you remote features. Remote features that Avast has for its Android security are Remote lock, Remote Display, locate, memory wipe and many more. So even if your phone is lost and you can’t get it back, you will be able to delete or change its settings before it gets in the wrong hands.

Download from Google Play Store<<


3# Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security

This is the most popular anti Virus and Anti theft software for mobile on the Play Store by Google. And why, it is the most famous privacy application over the world. It’s because of the smart features that it brought with itself. In fact there are many other manufacturer who copied some of lookout features into there own mobile security application. It is even available for iOS users. Probably the only iOS Device I know about.

It also provides backup of your contacts and other data like pictures, Music and Games with all the features that are listed above in the two application above. And because its cross platform, you can still get it back even after your phone is lost or stolen. Which will not happen because they also provide Theft Protection, they claim that they are best in the business and there Play Store user reviews proves this. The Free version of this application, has good features, but I would suggest you to get the pro version for full security and privacy.

Download from Google Play Store<<


Author Bio:- Hi, I am Yash Vardhan and I write how to guides and other tech articles on another blog like Tech Maish. I love Apple and am a huge fan of Steve Jobs. I also love to watch movies especially of the triller genre.

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    January 6, 2013, 8:35 pm

    Thanks Bilal Bahi!
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