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Top 3 Pieces of Tech for Your Business in 2016

Keeping your business ahead of the curve and staying abreast of industry changes requires adaptation in the way you operate. Naturally, you probably want to stagger changes to minimise any negative impacts on your operations. With a combination of the following pieces of tech, you can bring your business up to the forefront in technological advances, bringing about significant benefits to your enterprise.

Business Technology 2016

1:- VoIP

Removing older telephony systems and installing VoIP software can be a tremendous way to cut down costs as well as experience a more streamlined call experience. Benefits like having less hardware, the potential for unlimited calls, data connectivity and easy upscaling make VoIP something you should look into. It does come with the disadvantage of when an internet connection is lost, the VoIP network will go down; but this brings us on to the next tech improvement.

2:- Internet Connection Upgrade

Having a strong and reliable internet connection is probably the most essential technological feature you can improve in your business. If you experience connectivity problems that interfere with your day to day work, or your employees do, then making an upgrade is a real no-brainer. Look into fibre optic broadband that can handle your operations and leave you with the ability to expand. Some places offer services like Fibreline, which will take high work intensity in its stride and dramatically cut down on slow connection and data loss.

3:- Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is another way you can modernise the way your enterprise goes about daily business, allowing you far more flexibility and security when it comes to storing important files and data. Reading the small print and investing in a reliable service is essential when it comes to Cloud storage to prevent hacking and protect your assets and privacy. Benefits of Cloud storage are extensive, some of which are: saving on space, enhanced security, remote access, and sheer convenience.


These top three business tech improvements are already being used widely in businesses all over the world, and improving the way SMEs and large businesses operate on a day to day basis. Technologies like these have the power to catapult smaller businesses on an international level, as remote access and data connection worldwide is made cheaper, easier and more convenient on the move.

With a combination of all three, productivity can be hugely improved as these tech advances have convenience in common. As always when it comes to making large investments for your business, thorough research is important to ensure you get the best for your business.

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