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Top 3 Gaming Applications for the iPhone!

Right that’s it, it needs to be cleared up asap, and we need to know exactly what the best gaming apps on the iPhone really are, no more dodgy lists! This is the one that will keep you entertained even on long journeys!

gaming apps for iphone

1. Angry Birds!

Swept the world with one of the greatest crazy bird adventures ever to exist. The Angry Birds supply hours of fun, and what could be better than strategically launching various Birds into alien like Green Pigs? Great title, and Great gaming experience! The graphics is nothing to be sniffed art either, and there is a massive amount of levels, including a story line (although not really much to go buy, and seemingly never ending!). New levels are added every month, with bonus levels hidden within levels, you are never going to get bored!

2. Finger Physics!

Seriously this game doesn’t get enough hype, and it challenges your brain to figure out how to do the levels! Every month more levels are added, and it is by far one of the most extensive gaming experiences. With several game modes including building towers with blocks, guiding an orange egg into a basket, and even a special Doodle Jump add on, there is plenty of fun to be had here! The graphics are simple but clean, and the image itself is very colorful, there are clear instructions for each game type so anyone can give it a go!

3. Game Box!

Originally the 24 in 1 Game Box! This was probably the best buy that I made, and it cost only £1.29, and as it suggests came with 24 games! All of these were pretty bog standard, but there was plenty of fun to be had with each and every one. This gaming app has been updated every month and is now currently at 35 games in 1! This means there is now an even wider variety and there is definitely at least one or two games for everyone on here! On long journeys your children will never get bored, and if your not driving neither will you!

Now you really do know which of these is the best, go and get them, trust me you won’t be disappointed!

Author Bio: Mark C works with a Maldives holidays Tour Operator supplying Gaming Expo’s around the world!