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Top 3 Cell Phone Accessories

Today, everyone is using cell phones, and people love their iPhones and Androids to the point they really want to take care of them like as if they were their own children, the top 3 cell trending cell phone accessories include 3 distinct ways to protect your cell phone.

1. Cell Phone Holster

Cell Phone Holster

The first and most modern or streamline design is the cell phone holster, which you can dock your cell phone into and can bend 90 degrees so you can view incoming messages and calls without releasing your phone from your holster’s belt clip, professional men and women alike prefer to utilize this great accessory.

2. Silicone Gel Skin Sleeve PURPLE Rubber Soft Cover Case

PURPLE Cover Case

The second and more stylish accessory is the silicone or gel sleeve, which conforms uniquely to the shape and design of your particular model phone depending on your brand, comes in numerous colors and even some patterns, is flexible and rubber-like to protect your phone from dropping or bashing accidents with a high-action recoil texture offering ample protection for the casual cell phone user.

3. Shield Type Cell Phone Protector

Cell Phone Protector

The third and lowest profile option would be the snap on cover or shield type cell phone protector, this accessory snaps on and off your phone quickly and easily covering the back of your phone but not the front area including the touchscreen or buttons, scratches and dents to the screen are still possible but at least on a drop or bash your battery and back cover will not pop out which is the usual case when this happens.

Among these three accessories any combination of two of them can offer the ultimate protection, say for instance the holster combined with the gel sleeve, or the holster combined with the snap on shield. Most consumer will opt to buy two instead of just one knowing that either the snap on shield or gel sleeve will most likely still fit inside of the holster and belt clip for when you are on the go.

These three accessories are of great value and can be fairly inexpensive investments in contrast to handset protection insurance which can cost a large deductible to replace thus making it worth your time and research to buy these popular accessories.

Author Bio:Michael Adams has been writing about cell phones and cell phone accessories for years. His experience in the industry makes him very knowledgeable and his passion for cell phones and gadgets keeps him constantly looking for the newest products on the market.

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