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Top 3 Apple Accessories for Christmas 2012

Scary as it may be, Christmas is again upon us! And, like every year, there are a great new range of toys, gadgets and accessories to get your hands on.

As has been the trend in recent years, accessories for the iPad now regularly feature upon our own and our loved ones wish lists. But what are best accessories to add a new dimension to your treasured iPad? We’ve compiled 3 of the best accessories that will take off in 2013; with all of the products shown being available from Apple Accessories specialist, ExecSpot.

Dockem Wall Mount

First up we have the Dockem Koala Wall Mount for the iPad. This wonderfully innovative product allows you to attach your iPad to any wall with incredible ease.

Using non-damage adhesive sticks, you can fit the mount to any wall or surface using 3m command strips and then pop your iPad in and out, as and when you want to use it with ease. The Dockem is a great addition to the bedroom wall when you want to watch a film; the fridge – if you want to make a shopping list or a kitchen wall when you’re following a recipe or cookery programme! Available in various colours, the Dockem wall mount is compatible with all versions of the iPad along with various other tablets.

Dockem Wall Mount

Pong iPad Case

Getting the most out of your iPad is incredibly important. Whether that is improving battery life, WiFi signal or download speeds, we want our iPad to be the most powerful it can be.

The Pong iPad case is a great solution for maximising the potential of your iPad. Not only does the Pong case improve all of the aforementioned specifications of the iPad, but it also drastically reduces the amount of radiation you are exposed to from your iPad – down to almost non-existent, ultra-safe levels. As well as all of this optimising technology, the Pong case is also incredibly stylish and folds tidily into a handy stand for your iPad.

Pong iPad Case

Adonit Writer Plus

One of the biggest differences between laptops and tablets is the lack of a physical keyboard on tablet devices. Whilst this keeps devices, such as the iPad, incredibly slim and easily transportable, it can be somewhat of a hindrance if you like to type something longer than a quick Tweet or email!

With the Adonit Writer Plus you get the best of both worlds. Providing you with a lightweight, responsive, easily-removable keyboard, the Adonit Writer Plus also serves you with a deliciously styled case for your iPad, so that you can carry your iPad and keyboard as one in an attractive, protective case. When you don’t need the keyboard though, you can easily remove your iPad with its quick release mechanism. Easily the best physical keyboard option for the iPad on today’s market.

Adonit Writer Plus

All of these fantastic iPad accessories are available now from ExecSpot for Christmas 2012!

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  • Arsie Organo Jr

    September 4, 2012, 6:38 pm

    I think I will go for the Dockem Wall Mount. 🙂 It will look nice on my wall.


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