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Top 10 Tools for Analyzing Keyword Traffic

Your keywords are the breadcrumbs that attract visitors to your site. Analyzing keyword traffic should be an ongoing part of your business, and these 10 tools for analyzing keyword traffic can help you determine which words and phrases are doing the best job of helping you reach your goal of bringing in a steady stream in Internet users on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

1# Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The Tool is easy to use. In the free version, simply enter a word, a phrase, or a URL and the tool will offer a list of suggestions, along with traffic data. Update to the paid Keyword Search Suite to get more detailed information, such as keywords in the extreme long tail.

2# Submit Express

Submit Express is a very simple tool to use. If you want to find out how often specific keywords are being used, type them into the search box (you can search for up to 15 queries at once) and hit “Find Keywords”. When you want to get some basic information quickly, Submit Express is the way to go.

3# Wordtracker

Wordtracker can provide you with thousands of keyword suggestions with just a few clicks of your mouse. Start with a free trial before committing to a monthly-pay plan or an annual subscription.

4# Bing Keyword Research Tool

Bing’s Keyword Research Tool provides results based on organic search, as opposed to paid results. All results are compiled based on six months of historical data. The keyword suggestions can be generated in different languages and by country or region, so that you can get a highly personalized set of results. This tool also allows you to set up a history of 25 keywords so that you can get quick access to topics you have researched in the past.

5# Compete.com

Compete.com will tell you how important a particular keyword is. It will allow you to take a peek at your competitors’ sites and find out which keywords are bringing traffic to their sites. This site will give you information about organic and paid search engine traffic.

6#  Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis a software package that allows you to create keyword lists and assesses the SEO from your own site. You can also track your search rankings and check out competitors’s websites.

7# Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a downloadable software package that helps to single out the best keywords from a list. The program is used to determine the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) for the keywords on your list.

8# HitTail

HitTail analyzes your site’s traffic and then generates a list of keywords that you should be focusing on based on your site’s specific algorithm. This software program can display up to 350 keywords that your site can focus on to get the best results.

9# Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is a simple tool that scrapes keywords in a specific niche or generates random product keywords “with the click of a button.” You can add brands to your list very easily.

10# Micro Niche Finder

Micro Niche Finder is a tool used by Internet marketers to find niches, as well as keywords. Users will see keywords with too much competition clearly indicated in red, while ones with low competition will be set out in green. The Finder can generate keyword lists and export them into various formats.

These services can help you choose the right keywords for your site and ensure that you are using the right ones for your niche. It’s a good idea to make sure you have a good mix, including some long-tail keywords, to help Internet users find your site.

Author Bio:- Kimberly Morrow is an editor of the website which provides tips for those who ask write my resume. She is an inspirational writer and enjoys sharing blogging tips with community.

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  • Rahul KAshyap

    October 31, 2012, 1:45 pm

    Awesome Post Thanks for sharing this useful collection ways. I like it 🙂

  • Christopher

    October 30, 2012, 7:25 pm

    To be honest Bilal, I don’t really think that one should obsess over keywords too much. If you write good content, you are bound to include keywords in it naturally. Also users are more likely to share and link to good content, over content that looks like it is written for search engines.

    I can see the value of the tools you have listed, but feel that you probably shouldn’t use them too much.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      October 30, 2012, 11:14 pm

      Chris@ Keyword Research is very important and one should not ignore it. If the traffic of a keyword is not known then you may waste your precious time on something that has no traffic.

      Yes i agree that one should not use the tools all the time, but you must use it if you are launching a new blog which really needs research. Without initial research a project can fail even at the introduction stage.

  • Arjun Aswal

    October 29, 2012, 12:00 am

    Will you please tell me which keyword tool is best?


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