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Top 10 Tips to Take your Website to the Top after Panda and Penguin

To understand SEO in today’s time you will first need to get hold off the Penguin update made by Google in April this year. It is the latest algorithm update made by Google for decreasing the rankings of spammy websites and increase the rank of the websites with high quality content in it. The update also declared that any websites using black hat SEO techniques will be banned. Black hat SEO techniques are buying back links, keyword stuffing, plagiarized content, cloaking etc. Google thinks that these are the ways of cheating the search engine crawlers.

According to a latest survey, the penguin update has affected more than 3.1% of the websites. Later in the year Google declared the latest version of the penguin update on May 25, 2012 and called it penguin 1.1.

The basic fundamental behind the penguin update in to reduce the way back links are acquired and at the same time incentive websites that aim on the content rather than using SEO techniques.

Before the penguin update Google made almost 500algorith changes the major being the panda update in 2011. Both of them are much talked about algorithm changes because they have affected the rankings of the websites badly.

10 ways to maneuver search engine ranking after the Penguin Update:

1) Top grade websites in the market are likely to control social traffic on the popular search engines.

2) Google makes alteration to their algorithm to support brand power.

3) Traffic can be drawn through on page optimization of a website as it automatically increases the visibility.

4) Traffic analytics have a vast effect on the ranking of a website on the popular search engines. The search engine crawlers make sure to go through the website and then decide a rank for it.

5) Write short and crisp articles that are relevant to the content of your website and make sure that there are no excessive keywords.

6) Make sure that there is no duplicate content, the rank of your website will fall automatically.

7) Target the right keywords and do researches on them also keep in mind the target audience.

8) Write press release to promote your website on the global platform.

9) Various navigation choices, diverse links in a single page and high number of advertisement is harmful for your website.

10)Make sure that there are organic links and relevant anchor text.

Google and its search engine crawlers are using very stringent rules and regulations to crawl a website. They are evaluating each and every aspect of a website. The latest tool launched by Google is the “disavow link tool” where you can remove the bad links from your website and ask the search engine crawlers to ignore them, but you must use it carefully. To maintain your position on the top of the search engine you must ensure of using high quality and relevant content so that it attracts more traffic and automatically increases the rank of your website and also increase your revenue generation. Follow the above trends and I ensure you that you will never be disappointed.

Author Bio:- Kristen is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as travel,holiday and lifestyle.She holds bachelor’s degree in electronics.Her famous articles includes article on search engine optimization. She loves to travel and make new friends.

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