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Top 10 Places to Find Technical Employees

Finding and recruiting good technical and engineering employees is easier said than done. There is a huge issue with supply and demand in this sector and to be honest good technical talent is a scarcity. That means that posting a vacancy on your company’s website won’t always get you the talent you need.

This approach worked well in the past but not so much in our current times. It makes the false assumption that these types of employees are actively looking for a job. The converse is actually true; the jobs are looking for them!

You need to get out there and network to find the best technical employees. The list below should give you a good head start so that you look in the right places.

Tech job search


LinkedIn is a site for professional networking and a great place to find technical and engineering talent. The sites makes it possible to see firsthand the experience, education and skills of the people that you are looking for and includes references as well so finding the right person is very simple.


Another social networking site Twitter is not really geared for finding employees but it is still a powerful tool for getting leads. Use hashtags to locate someone with your specific needs. Follow the ones that might prove to be of interest and get the conversation started.


Dice is a leading job community for technical people. Create an account and search the talent available or post a position and get hundreds of applications from eager technicians and engineers. Monster, Just Engineers and other job boards that target this sector are also great places to look.

Recruitment Services

Check your local area for a recruitment company that specializes in engineering and technical recruitment. They will do the ground work and send you a list of candidates that you can interview and make a selection.


Another place to infiltrate this community is through the universities. The strategy that you use here will determine your results. Instead of going directly to the career centers you should target heads of departments who over lunch might be willing to setup meetings with their top students.

Engineering/Tech Forums

Join a few leading tech and engineering forums like the one at CNET and start listening and talking. Keep an eye out for the people who respond to questions and reach out to them. They might be willing to point out a few people for you to hire.

Engineering Associations

Engineering associations will have a list of members that you can target to find employees. Join the association and attend their events so that you get to know the members well. They will be more likely to make suggestions when you ask for a recommendation.

From Other Companies

Take a page out of Facebook’s book (no pun intended). Facebook has hired some of the best in the field of tech and engineering by targeting the best people from other companies. They have been known to get people from Google, Yahoo, IBM, Apple, Cisco and other companies. Check your competitors and see if you can attract some of their best employees.

Tech Meetups

You can find great potential employees at tech meetups. These are held across many cities on a weekly or monthly basis. Check for the ones that are in your particular discipline, attend and build a nice list of prospects

YourCompany Blog

If you have a well maintained, frequently updated company tech blog you will be able to bring the candidates to you. This blog should highlight the things that you are currently working on as well as any new technologies that you are using. This will pique the interest of many techs and as word gets around you will build a following.

Once you locate the right talent you need to find the right ways to attract them to your company. Some of the best ways to do this are:

  • Show them something that needs solving. This is much more appealing to a technical personal than presenting a job description.
  • Introduce them to your team of engineers.
  • Show them the money. Your salary and compensation must be in line with and above industry standards if you hope to attract the very best.
  • Be authentic. If you’re just a startup company don’t pretend to be something else.
  • Provide opportunities for training. Technical people love learning so opportunities for training and development is always a perk.
  • Ask them what they want. Sometimes employers spend time putting together “great” packages that don’t meet employees’ needs. Ask your candidates what they want and try to provide it if it’s realistic.
  • Perks and more perks. Extras like free food, legal services, 401 K plans, flexible hours, paid vacations, paid certifications, financial planning, health benefits, insurance and an uplifting work environment are all benefits that attract the right candidates.

Where are some other places to find technical employees?

Author Bio:- Edwin is an avid marketer and designer currently writing on behalf of PLC Technician – A distance education program for people who want to get certified and become PLC technicians. Edwin has a passion for creative solutions and technology.

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  • Heather

    August 2, 2012, 6:05 pm

    These are some great tips Edwin. Using LinkedIn and industry associations is a great way to go. Using associations is great, because it will lead to people recommending other people for you if they are not available right now.


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