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Top 10 iPhone apps for 2012- Part 2

The is the continuity of the previous article Top 10 iPhone Apps for 2012- Part 1

  1.  ‘Where’s My Water’-   app by Disney features the alligator Swampy. This alligator resides in the sewers. Other alligators damage the plumbing of Swampy’s residence due to which the water flow is obstructed. The player has to guide water to Swampys shower thus helping him. This puzzle game is based on physics and has multi touch controls along with a great soundtrack. To succeed in the game, the player needs cleverness through which he has to tackle enemies like algae, toxic material and traps. To tackle the problem of broken pipes, the player has to undergo seven chapters with twenty levels. The game has rich graphics as well as animation. The version 1.3.0 of the game includes water balloons. The player has to clear a path for these balloons.
  2.  ‘Dot Lock Security’ – app by BAI provides protection to the media and files of the user. This app allows the user to track and recover his stolen phone through an email report of the attempt of theft which includes the photo of the thief and the location of the phone.  The user can take photos from the app. He can export and import the photos along with the videos to other iPhones and iPod and iPad. Photos can be shared through email also.
  3. ‘Pimp Your Screen’ – app by Apalon customizes the phones looks through special backgrounds, shelves, skins and many other eye catching features. Through the instant preview feature, the user can quickly preview the new background. The features of this app include Retina display, normal sized images, high resolution, neon combos, categorized view, icon skins, and recent tabs and lock screen maker. The user can share screens on facebook, twitter or email. The user can change his phones look daily.
  4.  ‘Bejeweled’ – app by PopCap is based on the hit game Bejeweled 3. The puzzle game Bejeweled can be played in Classic, Zen and Diamond Mine modes. The app has retina display graphics, an extremely smooth action and hint option for tips. Stats Galore gives the statistics of scores, best moves and personal best.
  5.  ‘Cut the Rope’ – app by Chillingo Ltd features the character Om Nom. The monster Om Nom wishes to have candy. The user has to help Om Nom to get to the candy. The game is based on physics and has tricky levels, gesture controls and visuals of high definition. The game has 250 levels and 750 stars. For slicing the rope, many enemies and obstacles have to be faced and won. Every stage has 3 golden stars which can be easy or difficult. The player has to dodge and tackle jagged spikes, sneaky spiders and many other obstructions. There are many tools that allow the player to help Om Nom to reach the candy.
  6.  ‘Whats App Messenger’ – by WhatsApp Inc is a Smartphone messenger used in many phones including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Through push notifications, the user can get messages from other people including friends and family. The app has features including sms, group chat, multimedia, , offline messages, pictures, audio and video messages.

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