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Top 10 iPhone Apps For 2012 – Part 1

Some of the best iPhone Apps for 2012 are as follows –

1 – ‘Words with Friends’- by Zynga require iOS 3.0 and higher. It is played in iPhone, iPad and iPod. The main feature of this game is word building. Playing this game is simple. Up to twenty games can be played at the same time due to turn-based design. People can play the game with their friends and make match with an opponent randomly. This game has the option of connecting to facebook and play with more friends.

It’s easy to be in touch with others through chat messaging feature active within the game. Through push notifications the player is informed when it’s his turn. The new version of the game Version 4.10.1 has Tile Pile feature that helps in finding the number of each letter that is left. The Word-O-Meter feature gives information about the strength of the word in relation to all other words that can be created.

2 – ‘Angry Birds’- by Clickgamer.com features angry birds who attack and end greedy pigs defenses. In this game, there is threat to the angry birds that attack the pigs.

This is due to the fact that the pigs steal the eggs of the birds. This is a game based on physics and has replay value. To play the game, the player needs logic and skill. If the player is stuck in the game, he can buy the Mighty Eagle app that allows unlimited use. The eagle rises from the sky and destroys pigs. However, the game has a catch. The help of mighty eagle can be used only once in an hour.

3 – ‘Fruit Ninja’ – by Halfbrick Studios is a game associated with juicy action. The main feature of the game is squishy fruit carnage. The game is low priced and involves lot of fun. Like a ninja warrior, the player has to swipe his fingers on the screen for slashing and splattering the fruit. The player has to be careful of the explosive bombs which bring an end to the fruit slashing game. This game has many modes including Classic, Zen, New Arcade and the online multiplayer modes.

4 – ‘Camera+’ – app by tap tap tap is similar to the superior quality SLR lens. This app allows the user to capture great photos in a creative manner. For controlling the shots, the exposure can be set up separately from focus. The app has 4 LED Photo flashlight for an improved quality of the photos, applicable especially to the portraits as well as macro shots. The stabilizer is used to make the camera steady for sharp pictures. The problem of crooked pictures can be solved now by using the grid for lining the pics and eliminating angled photos.

The digital zoom of the app is of high quality. The Camera+ app has many scenic modes like Backlit, Night, Portrait and many other modes. The digital flash of the app is of high quality that is useful when the photos are too dark. There is the option of many crop sizes that helps in perfect framing of the photos. The app includes many amazing effects through which the photos can be given an artistic look. The user can share the photos on facebook and twitter or email them from within the app.

These are some of the best iPhone Apps for 2012. Part 2 of the article top iPhone Apps will be published soon.

Author Bio:- Daniel K. Lebrun is from Exams King, He has been blogging from last 3 years, He is Professional Content Writer and also SEO guru, He is full with possessions of experience, and even more degrees, these days he is busy in 117-304  Certifications. He gets pleasure from Blogging.

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