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Top 10 iPhone Alternatives That Can Comfort Your Lifestyle

There is no doubt that iPhone is simply the best. However, it does not mean people have to shell out extra money when they can get the similar features in most other mobiles. iPhone and other Apple products are at least 100% costlier when compared to other brands in the market. Such products have become a symbol to portray their social status and people do not want to miss a chance. So what about the common people those who do not have access to iPhones? This article will present you about the 10 alternatives that can still improve your quality of life and customize your activities.

#10  Blackberry Torch: The smart phone runs on Blackberry OS 6. It has a single core CPU and comes with 512 MB  storage. The 5 MP camera and high definition video recording ability outperforms some of the features and performance of other Blackberry devices.

#9 Google Nexus S: The Android powered phone from Google has 1GHz single core processor and has 5 MP camera. The capacitive touch screen and the super AMOLED screens provide an elegant look to the device. You can be a proud owner of this smart phone.

#8 HTC Desire HD: It is one of the better performing Android smart phones. The 1 GHz single core processor and the 8 MP camera prove to be a better bet for your money. The device supports connecting to social media websites and high definition video recording.

#7 Motorola Droid X: Droid is the flagship model of Motorola for its Android devices.  It has stunning features such as 8 MP camera, Wi-Fi ability, 1 GHz processor and 8 GB internal memory. The smart phone has everything that you require and can be your best companion. It also offers a stylish look.

#6  LG Optimus  3D:  The device is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual core processor and comes with 8 GB internal storage and 5 MP camera. It runs on Android 2.2 version and support HD recording. The ability to connect to the social media websites instantly to upload your recent pictures and videos,  the device can be your best bet when it comes to functionalities.

#5 HTC EVO 4G: It is one of the extra ordinary devices from HTC. This device is the very first one to be sold with 4G connectivity in the US. It runs on Android 2.1 version and has 1GHz processor.  Any good operators who can give maximum 4G connectivity speed will be able to unleash the potential of this device. The style and looks matter a lot for this device.

#4 Nokia Lumia 800: A better impressive Lumia 800 definitely scores well than its other models. The applications and the interfaces are arguably the best considering the joint venture of two tech power houses of the world. Different color variants and the 8 MP camera are some of its strengths. The device has got stunning reviews from the experts. It cannot be compared to your iPhone but definitely it stands out in the pack of other devices.

#3 Samsung Galaxy Nexus:  The Ice cream sandwich upgraded version makes it more effective and better productive. The 5 MP camera and its 1.2 GHz processor makes it stunning. The awesome looks and an interactive interface makes it dear to the present day youth.

#2 HTC Sensation XE: Your wish list will definitely include this mobile. You will not get a second chance to grab the device. It is one of the premium build quality. The 1.5 GHz dual core processor  and has an efficient battery.  It has almost every feature that the iPhones have and is no way an under performer in the market.

#1 Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3: With the recent addition of S3 models, Samsung has grabbed a slice of market share in the smart phone segment. It is the best alternative for any iPhone and is cheaper by at least 25%. The stunning looks are arguably the best and is highly recommended by Android experts. It is needless to describe its features and you will really love to spend your time with this device.

Author Bio:This is Rajkumar Jonnala Full time Blogger From Hyderabad Owns Various Tech Blogs from which he likes the most are http://techieblast.com/ and http://techienize.com/.

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