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Top 10 Health Applications For iPhone Users

This is a guest post written by Richard, who works at cosmetic dentistry website You can also write for TechMaish, Read Guest Blogging.

The iPhone is a modern phenomenon, which is becoming increasingly popular every day. The range of phone applications available to consumers is vast and covers a huge array of interests and subjects; some apps are designed for fun, while others can be really useful. There is now a huge range of health apps, which can be used by health professionals as well as members of the public to do everything from looking up symptoms and finding treatments to finding directions to the dentist and making an appointment. Apart from health tips, that you can find every where on internet, here are a few recommended health applications for iphone users.

iphone health applications

1. WebMD Mobile

This is a free app, which helps patients to diagnose their condition, using a symptom checker. You simply enter your symptoms and the app gives you a diagnosis. There is also a first aid section, which covers everything from minor cuts to heart attacks. The app also offers information about suitable treatments.


2. iFitness

This is one of the most popular health apps and is particularly beneficial for gym bunnies. The iFitness app has a range of hundreds of training programs and you can use it to monitor your progress and adapt your workouts.


3. My Fitness Pal

This is a great free app, which helps you to count calories and keep a record of what you have eaten during the day. You can type your age, gender and lifestyle habits into the programme along with your weight loss target and the app will give you a recommended daily calorie intake. You can also keep track of how much exercise you have done throughout the day.


4. iPregnancy

This is a useful application for pregnant women; it has a range of pictures of the developing baby and contains a wealth of information about pregnancy. The app also has a tool to keep track of antenatal appointments.


5. Blood pressure

This app tracks blood pressure and can be used to keep a record of blood pressure over a set time period. The app can be utilized by multiple users and is easy to use. This app is ideal for those who have high blood pressure but can be beneficial for everyone, as there are often no obvious symptoms of high blood pressure.


6. iPeriod

This app is for the girls; it keeps track of your menstrual cycle and indicates when your next period is due. It is really useful if you are prone to forgetting when your next period is due and can be useful if you are trying to conceive as it can also monitor basal body temperature, which should give an idea of when ovulation should occur.


7. Dental expert

Dental expert is a great app for patients; it has a wealth of information about oral health and boasts a comprehensive section of frequently asked questions, which are answered by trained dentists.


8. Toothbrush Timer

The toothbrush timer helps to ensure you brush your teeth for the appropriate amount of time each day; the app can also be used to record details of your next dental appointment and keep track of the age of your toothbrush.


9. Glucose Buddy

The Glucose Buddy app is a really useful tool for diabetics; it helps to keep track of blood sugar levels.


10. iPharmacy

iPharmacy enables you to look up medications and treatments and look for dosage instructions, side-effects and information about different drugs. The app also has information about drug interactions so you can find out about taking medications with other types of drug.


Author Bio:- This article was written solely for TechMaish by Richard from the cosmetic dentistry website where there is more information about technology relating to areas of oral health.

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  • vijayraj @ methods2earn.com

    October 19, 2010, 3:56 pm

    thx for the apps, i use My Fitness Pal a lot…

  • Thiru

    October 19, 2010, 10:35 am

    Nice list of health apps, Thanks for your healthy blog.

  • vicky

    October 19, 2010, 6:55 am

    health is wealth. and you should take care of your health first before going out to earn money. besides what is the use of having cash but you are too sick to spend it


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