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Top 10 Gadgets Every Online Worker Should Have

Working online offers the major benefit of no commute as well as little “perks” like custom scheduling. For online workers, the advantage of being able to truly work in one’s pajamas while earning a full-time income seems like a dream come true. However, working at home does present challenges. If the at-home worker has kids, there’s going to be constant distraction. Likewise, the temptation is always there to distract one’s self with Facebook and other non-productive activities. In order to be really productive, here are the top 10 gadgets that every online worker should have:

gadgets for online workers

1) iGo Portable Projector

Just because online workers work online, doesn’t mean that they only work online. Most of a person’s work might be done through an online portal, but there may be times when a person needs to leave his home to give a presentation. For some companies, meeting face-to-face with a client is a must at some point. Enter the iGo portable projector. Unlike bulky projectors, the iGo is small but can still shoot a 70″ version of any presentation onto any projectable surface.

2) iPhone

The iPhone is the perfect device for working online when you’re away from home and can’t carry a tablet or laptop. By using AT&T, users have the benefit of being able to work online and take phone calls at the same time. Since Apple rigidly controls the app store, users are also guaranteed to have productivity apps that meet a minimum level of quality and compatibility with the iPhone.

3) iPad

The iPad is being used in doctors’ offices, coffee shops, and any other business that uses diagnostic equipment or POS terminals. For the online worker, the iPad gives the user the ability to handle sales transactions over the phone or over the Internet. As an alternative to using the iPhone, the iPad provides the user with a way to work away from home without carrying along a bulky laptop.

4) iPad Speaker Dock

The iPad speaker dock allows users to dock their iPad, providing a convenient way to use the iPad. The iPad docking station also allows the user to charge their iPad and connect speakers to the device. Because of this, the user is able to simulate a home office environment, even when he or she is not at home. This would be perfect for users that have to work when they are on an extended vacation.

5) HP eStation Printer

The HP eStation is a printer, but with a twist. The printer combines high-performance printing, faxing without having to have a phone line, as well as copying and scanning. The printer comes with a 7 inch full-color touch screen. Users can use the touchscreen for remote printing and as a substitute wireless device.

6) Apple Magic Mouse

Apple’s magic mouse has a seamless design. It’s multi-touch shell allows users to scroll in any direction with one finger. Users can swipe through web pages, and photos, click and double-click, anywhere, and the mouse connects to the users’ Mac via bluetooth. The connection to the mouse is secure up to 33 feet away.

7) Apricorn Aegid Padlock HDD

Users that require security must have the Apricorn Aegid HDD. This external hard drive has a padlock right on the device. Users can code in a 10-digit PIN for the drive, making it easy to control access to the device. In addition to this, storage is secured via 128-bit or 256-bit encryption with storage limits ranging from 250 gigs to 750 gigs.

8 ) Quirky Contort USB Hub

USB ports are sometimes synonymous with tangled wires. The Quirky Contort solves this problem. the Quirky functions as a USB hub that allows users to wrap their cords around the device and store them neatly to avoid damaged and tangled wires.

9) LaCie 2big USB 3.0

The LaCie 2 big USB 3.0 is a RAID storage device. When working from home, users can backup online data on this external storage device. Because the device has 2 TB up to 6 TB of storage space, users get enough space to store practically anything.

10) Skype Handset

Skype is being used more and more by those working online. It’s understandable. The free software allows users to call anyone from practically anywhere for free or for a very low price. Skype power users should take advantage of a good Skype handset. This will turn your computer into a hub for Skype and the handset will make it more like talking on a land-line.

Author Bio:- Guest post contributed for Name.com by Kimberly Myers. Kimberly is a freelance writer and contributes to a number of blogging communities. She also buys and sells domain names and websites.