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Top 10 Firewall for Windows

When using the internet, remote intrusion is inevitable. Hundreds of malware will be pushing the privacy and safety of your Windows device to the limit. For this, you need a security system, more accurately a Firewall, to keep your device safe from harm or data loss or infringement.

ZoneAlarm Pro

It has multi-layered firewall technology to protect your computer. The simple installation (provided with a wizard) as well as the easy to use interface makes it popular among users. However, it has a wide array of options and choosing the best custom settings can be confusing to a beginner.

Norman Personal Firewall

Immediately after installation it starts guarding your computer from all sorts of intrusions. Each process with an active connection is listed. However, parental control module is mediocre and it does not report web-based exploits.

Comodo Firewall

It is a free software that provides fully featured and advanced security suit. It has active HIPS or application monitoring feature called ‘Defense +’. It has a good memory firewall but program

Panda Global Protection

For small office networks or home computers, this firewall with its intuitive interface is ideal. It works on 64-bit Windows system with daily updates and provides reliable protection. However, in real-time testing, it detected about 92% of threats. For some picky users it may not be sufficient.

F-Secure Internet Security

It provides easy to implement solutions to malware problems and does not require any maintenance. For this reason, it is a good choice for both beginners and old users. The enhanced anti-spam tool is quite handy and email protection is good too. Phishing protection is not too good though.

Online Armor Premium Firewall

On this firewall, it is possible to select a policy that activates the program when your computer starts. It can also be launched manually at any time. But Keylogger protection is not effective and the basic features aren’t enough for PCs.

ESET Smart Security 5

Worms, viruses, spyware- you name a malware and this security software with a personal firewall will guard your computer from it. It constantly monitors and defends your computer round the clock. However, its weak anti-spam protection needs improvement.

Net Firewall

Whether it is external malware or an internal threat that arises from pre-installed programs, Net Firewall has a solution for all. It does not affect connection capabilities and only the data approved by security policy is passed along. But on the downside, online documentation is not its strong suit and sometimes links are broken.

PC tools Firewall plus

It has a lot of proactive security features that can be installed easily and updates are automatic. The help section is ill-equipped, however, and doesn’t have a good installation guide.

Rising Firewall

It does not limit your computer’s normal processes, but Rising Firewall reports all events that could potentially be harmful to your computer. It keeps running in the background and monitors all activities without prompting.

These are the best firewalls out there to guard your computer from harm’s way. Using basic free versions of these firewalls help too, although it is always advised to avail the Pro or Premium editions.

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