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Top 10 Exciting and Productive Features Of iOS 6

Apple products are always touted for their amazing user experience and with the release of iOS 6 things just got better! The operating system can now be upgraded on iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2 & 3, iPod touch. Besides, it found default in the newly released iPhone 5.

Even though, the company boasts of nearly 200 new features, here’s the most comprehensive list of top 10 features of iOS 6.

10. Do Not Disturb – Sleep Peacefully

The new and most personalized setting is Do Not Disturb which allows you to stop unwanted calls from disturbing your sleep. But, it can be personalized to receive calls from family members, friends and spouse. Just specify the personal numbers and sleep easy!

9. VIP Inbox – Never Miss Mail

With the VIP Inbox, you would hardly miss another important message that might have been wrongly marked as spam. An engaging mailing experience is provided by Apple and VIP inbox makes sure all your important contacts fall under this category.

8. Panorama – Capture It Wholly

The panorama feature has been substantially improvised allowing you to capture images in 360 degrees, offering stunning visuals. Just swipe across the object and it captures with ease!

7. Unified iMessage – Bring It Together

iMessage has received this useful update which syncs your contacts in mail as well as messages. Now, you can receive notifications on all Apple devices including iPhone, Mac and iPad irrespective of whether it is a message or an e-mail!

6. Automatic Reply – Save The Fight

When you are driving, calls are tend to come in but wouldn’t rejecting it disappoint the caller? iOS 6 allows people to send a default message as soon as they reject a call or it can be done manually as well.

5. Siri – Responds Better Than Ever

The virtual assistant from Apple, Siri is a breakthrough and now she’s lot more astute than ever. Users can know latest weather and Siri will suggest hotels, movies based on your personal interest. Updating Facebook and Twitter with voice commands to Siri is quite futuristic for sure!

4. Facebook Integration – Like & Share Easily

Liking and sharing on Facebook is made easier with iOS 6 because it is now integrated with the operating system. It’s very similar to what Apple did with Twitter in the past. Safari, iTunes, Photos; Notifications among many other apps support it.

3. Shared Photo Streams – View And Enjoy

Sharing photos without using social media websites is made easy with this new feature. Create and share your own photo stream. Anyone can view it on a PC.

2. Passbook – Stay Ahead

Maintaining movies tickets, coupons and boarding passes is made completely virtual. Scan and store them as they are accepted in most outlets these days. Alerts you on expiry dates as well.

1. Maps – Apple’s Own

Apple’s own mapping system is designed to show directions, 3D maps and real time traffic information. It’s very useful and handy.

iOS 6 brings an entire range of exciting features which will further enhance your experience with Apple products. Always be ready to explore the 190 other features to make the most out of it!

Author Bio: Isabel Clark is the news editor at Two Wheelers India, an upcoming Bikes Guide for Indian Buyers with all information about the latest bikes in India.

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