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Top 10 Best Rated Free Internet Apps

All the apps on this list are free and can be run over the Internet on any computer and most don’t even require installation. They represent the cream of the cloud. I’ve omitted obvious apps such as Gmail or Google Reader, which you’re likely to use already.

1# Last.fm

One of the best music streaming services around, Last.fm is great because it helps you discover new music. After you create a profile and ‘scrobble’ music you’ll get recommendations automatically based on your taste. Exploring music on your own is also easy because Last.fm suggests similar artists on each artist page.

2# Dropbox

The free version of DropBox lets you synchronize your files across computers (up to 2GB), as well as share files. Automatic and well implemented, DropBox for free is perhaps best suited for making quick backups of your working documents.

3# WordPress

A great blogging platform, WordPress makes it on the list because of its remarkable interface, which is probably superior to that of any other blogging platform around. Themes and plugins for WordPress abound, and that’s another pro of the enduring CMS. On the other hand, WordPress may not be as accessible for a beginner as other similar blogging software, in that it requires some tweaking.

4# Backupify

Backupify is an online service that backs up social network data automatically. The idea behind it is that if any of the networks go down, your uploads or other user data accumulated over the years will be saved. You can access backups through a RSS feed. Backupify works with Twitter, Flickr, and many other social media.

5# Zamzar

Zamzar is a potent file convertor that lets you quickly change the file format of any file that’s less than 100MB. The conversion times are good, and there is a plethora of supported formats, including all wide-used e-book, document, video, photo, audio, and archive formats. To convert an item you need to provide your email address, to which a download link will be sent.

6# F-Secure Online Scanner

Unlike other online anti-viruses, F-Secure requires no browser extension to run. It’s Java-based, and it works like a charm whether you want to perform a full system scan or a mere quick folder scan. Smart, solid, simple.

7# Photoshop Express Editor

Available in the tools section of the official Photoshop website, Express Editor lets you quickly edit or apply filters to images, as well as to create slideshows. Express Editor is Flash-based and doesn’t require that you register an account to use it. Think of it as a mini version of Photoshop for basic on-the-go editing.

8# DropSend

A straightforward file-sending tool, DropSend lets you send files up to 2GB effortlessly. To send a file you first have to upload it and then send it through the website by providing the recipient’s email address. DropSend does feature some ads, and it has a monthly usage restriction, but even so it’s the best tool of its kind.

9# Sketchpad

Sketchpad is a simple drawing app that also lets you paint, and that requires no registering. Once your work is done, you can save your drawing and download it as a .PNG file. Overall, Sketchpad is appealing because of its simplicity.

10# Evernote

Think of Evernote as an online depository in which you can store important working or personal files online. While it resembles somewhat a file storage program, it’s quite different. Your organize your files as notes, which can include audio, video, or images, besides text. All in all it’s an interesting tool which is not only useful, but also fun.

Author Bio:- All credits for writing this post goes to Jason Phillips, he is adept writer who likes to write on IT support, IT outsourcing and IT consulting. Apart from that he works for 247SupportExperts.com that provides one stop home networking setups, and much more.

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