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Toner Cartridges: Do You Have Any Idea About What They Are?

Toner cartridges, often called by the name of the “Laser Toner”, are among the most important parts of a printer, to be specific, a laser printer. This is, actually, the consumable component of a printer. Such cartridges contain a kind of powder, known as the “Toner Power”, which is a dry and fine mixture of carbon and plastic particles. This mixture is accompanied by the black or different coloring components, which create the image on a paper. The toner first gets transferred to the paper through a drum unit, which is electro-statically charged and then the heated rollers fuses it on the paper during the process of printing.


Now, there are different variants of such cartridges. Be it a low-end laser printer or a mid-range one, each and every printer typically consists of 2 consumables parts, which are as follows:

  • The toner cartridge that is typically featured with a life of 2, 000 pages
  • The drum unit, which is featured with a total life of 40, 000 pages

Some printer cartridges incorporate the latter part, as mentioned above, in the design. This means the replacement of the drum unit each time you want to replace the toner. Such a variant is, though, considered by some people to be unessential as well as not cost effective.

Types of Toner Cartridges

Though the types of cartridges differ from one another in terms of nature, quality, size etc., but normally, cartridges for the toner of a printer are available in three distinct and popular kinds, which are mentioned below:

  • Genuine: This kind of color cartridges are even called “Original Equipment Manufacturer” cartridges or OEM cartridges. As the name indicates, the production as well as marketing of such printer cartridges is directly done by the different manufacturers of printer based across the globe. The respective manufacturers of these cartridges even offer some specific guarantees on the usage of their branded toners. Thus, they are a bit expensive than the ones, which are named as “compatible” or “re-manufactured”. However, you can save those extra expenses by purchasing such a toner cartridge from a renowned retailer. This, in turn, will help you in getting cost effective high quality prints.
  • Compatible: Even known by the name of “Generic” cartridge or “Alternative Brand” cartridge, it is unique in its own kind. The exclusiveness of these cartridges lies in the fact that they are prepared from the scratch. This signifies that neither they have been refilled or re-manufactured nor they have been utilized earlier. But they are manufactured by a 3rd party company though. However, these cartridges of toners are not less reliable. In addition to these, one can get the same level of quality as of the products manufactured by the original manufacturers.
  • Re-manufactured: This kind of toner cartridges has dismantled the OEM cartridges after they have been used once. Such printing cartridges include the procedure of replacing all those parts of a cartridge, which becomes defective or gets worn out. Then the cartridges are cleaned and refilled with toner.

Summary: Toner cartridges, being the consumable component, are among the important parts of a laser printer.

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