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Today’s Business Applications: Where the Cloud Meets Social

Social networking filters through every aspect of today’s digital world. We shop using social networking platforms, we share pictures on Facebook profiles and engage with brands and products in the social media realm.

Today’s businesses know this. Social media is among the best and quickest ways to reach out directly to customers and engage with them in a meaningful way. This is where cloud computing comes into play. Cloud-based application developers have recently tapped into our Web 2.0 world by creating applications that leverage social networking data to boost the potential for increased revenue streams.

The Cloud & Social Networking

As briefly mentioned earlier, social networking can be used a variety of ways to achieve successful customer outreach. Companies can now announce new products, handle customer service queries and launch special deals or campaigns all from a flexible social media platform. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are often hosted and accessed from cloud computing platforms. CRM apps are often able to examine how customers interact with brands in a social networking environment. For instance, in a CRM platform, a business can search Twitter for tweets related to their business. They can also monitor Facebook activity as people discuss their business. From here, companies can develop and implement customer outreach campaigns based on user-behavior analysis from a cloud-based CRM platform. It’s not just the small to mid-sized companies that using this technology, but also large, enterprise-level businesses like cloud computing giant Rackspace.

Cloud Computing & Customer Engagement

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of cloud-hosted CRM platforms has to do with actually implementing social media user data into an existing customer outreach campaign. Taking the Facebook platform into account, businesses can use their CRM software to set up business events and even automate certain marketing processes like Facebook posts and user engagement from within their chosen CRM platform.

Cloud-Based CRMs and Collaboration

The power of the cloud doesn’t just stop at customer engagement. In addition, they can leverage the powerful app development tools available through Facebook and Twitter to reach out to coworkers and other work associates. Even on a business-to-business (B2B) level, companies can develop applications that make it easy to collaborate with other businesses within the social networking framework. While this isn’t directly related to cloud computing and customer engagement on social networks, it’s an important element of successful business processes in the cloud for many companies.

Cloud CRM Solutions Are Here to Stay

Cloud computing solutions have become deeply entrenched into today’s business world. Whether we know it or not—or whether we like it or not—today’s businesses need powerful cloud-based solutions to stay competitive, and social networking sites are deeply integrated into the whole business-specific world of cloud computing. In fact, social networks are no longer solely a hub for virtual engagement with other users. Now every aspect of business-to-customer (B2C) interactions relies heavily on powerful social networking platforms. The bottom line is that social networks and cloud-based business solutions work hand in hand. In other words—you can’t have one without the other.

Author Bio:- Brooke Samsonite (@brookesamsonite) is a twenty-something residing in Indianapolis who is inspired by Lifestyle & Entertainment, Home Décor /Home Improvement, Travel, and writing. Having only recently spread her always-fashionable wings and started freelance writing, Brooke loves to blog (over @ Belts & Bangles and Cooks & Travel Books) about her extensive experiences and offer valuable resources to inspire others especially when it comes to creative social media outlets.

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