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To Tumblr or To WordPress

To many people, a blog is a blog. However, to those aware of and involved in the blogosphere, not all blogs, nor blogging platforms, are created equal. A couple of years ago, WordPress was the go-to blogging platform of choice. While the platform is still the stand-by for many, there have been several other forms of blogging that have gained a lot of momentum recently. Microblogging, in particular, has become incredibly popular.

The very essence of microblogging is to simply convey your message quickly either through text or images without wasting a substantial part of your viewer’s day. A few years back, a blog with nothing more than posts of a single picture, a short video clip, or 140 characters wouldn’t have caught the eye of anyone. However, in today’s fast past world, people want information quickly, and blogging platforms like Tumblr have become more widely used because of it.

Tumblr is the Twitter of blogging.  Like Twitter, Tumbler is one long scrolling stream of information and you can follow other users and they can follow you. Originally, Tumblr gained popularity with photo bloggers, but has since progressed to include every form of blogging from vlogging to text based content. However, to stay true to its microblogging form, most Tumblr users try to keep posts short and sweet regardless of their media choice.

Users that most often benefit from Tumblr, and mircoblogging in general, are small store front businesses, restaurants, and bloggers who use the platform as a brainstorming epicenter for their larger ideas. Small business owners and restaurants benefit from the platform because they can post pictures of items on sale or those on today’s menu to further entice customers to come in without the need of a long post with an explanation.

For traditional bloggers, writers, artists, or others in the creative world, Tumblr allows them to provide their followers with unique insight into their inner-workings as they can post quotes, ideas, and sketches to their latest upcoming projects. While this may sound like a creative may be giving all their ideas away, providing little tidbits actually builds hype and creates further buzz around any upcoming shows, films, or writings.

While Tumblr and other microblogging platforms may be making headway, WordPress is still the preferable platform for mainstream bloggers. In addition to allowing the use of tabs and archiving, which makes blog navigation so much easier, WordPress can also be manipulated. So if you are looking to build a more engaging and customized site, then WordPress is definitely the best choice.

However, if you already have a great blog, consider also picking up a Tumblr account to accent your blog. Having the two sites complement each other will not only help you increase your online visibility, but it will help you build your brand as a whole – and in a world where hundreds of thousands of new blogs are created monthly, you need all the visibility you can get.

Author Bio:- Maya Szydlowsky is a community manager for Veterans United Home Loans, the nation’s leading dedicated provider of VA home loans as well as news and information on veterans’ benefits.

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